What to Consider when Selecting a Canister Vacuum Cleaner

ftrgertSelecting a canister vacuum cleaner can be quite hectic as the market today is saturated with many kinds of these devices. Making the right choice is not easy as many people are not familiar with lots of these machines. Some of the common questions we find asking ourselves whenever we
want to purchase one are as follows:

  • How much will it cost to acquire a good one?
  • Is the vacuum cleaners suction power up to the task?
  • Which design is the best, is it the bag or the bagless one?
  • Does it have the best filtration system?
  • What about its cord and nozzle length?
  • What about its noise level?
  • What about its weight, and does it have all available attachments?

All these questions point out to one fact – that when it comes to the selection of canister vacuum cleaner, several factors have to be taken into consideration. Below is a detailed article about canister vacuums that will guide you into making a good choice.

Consider your budget

The price of the vacuum cleaner is an important factor to consider as the most efficient ones are the most expensive. Therefore set your budget right and consider the models that offer you the best value for your money. Energy efficient models also do command higher prices and would go on to save your money as they are more durable and efficient.

Bag or Bagless design

This comes into consideration when you decide upon a handheld canister vacuum. Canister vacuum cleaners have two basic designs: the bagged
and the bagless. What differentiates the two is on how they filter both dirt and debris. When using the bagless one, it stores its dirt in a bin, whereas the bagged one filters it dirt into a filtered bag. The advantage of using a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it provides a high level of

The advantage of using a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it provides a high level of filtration and it’s more silent. The bagged cleaners are also cheaper and more durable in the long term. The main advantage of using the bagless vacuum cleaner is that you won’t need to buy and replace the bags as is the case of using a bagged one – which requires one to occasionally keep on replacing the bags leading to additional expenses.

Suction power/performance

When you think High-performing vacuum cleaners have great suction power. Great suction power means advanced cleaning abilities. To check on the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, look out for its engine power – denoted in watts. The higher motor’s power demands, the greater the suction force. Your vacuum cleaner should be in a position to generate enough suction force that picks up dust, debris, and allergens from hard floors and from your carpet. It’s to your best interest that you

It’s to your best interest that you purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a power selector; this is important as the regulation of power will enable you to control the suction force along with the noise levels and the power consumption rate.

Filtration system

Good Vacuum cleaners have HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. The filters will allow you to enjoy cleaner air as they efficiently eliminate dust, pollen, and allergens. You will also consider choosing a vacuum cleaner fully equipped with HEPA filters if you are allergic or have asthma as HEPA filters are crucial for the removal of dust responsible for different allergies.

Noise level

No one wants an annoyingly loud canister vacuum cleaner. If you want a vacuum cleaner that operates silently, select the one that is integrated with silencer technology. This technological advancement will ensure that your vacuum cleaner produces minimal sound. The noise levels are expressed as decibels (dB) – the higher the dB figure, the noisier your Vacuum cleaner will be. On this note, silent canister vacuum cleaners are more expensive as compared to the noisy models, but they are worth your investment especially if you have young children or pets.

Easy to handle

Using an easy to handle vacuum cleaner has its advantages as it reduces wastage of time, prevention of back pains, and reduces fatigue. The wheel size must be large enough as this feature enables your vacuum cleaner to not get stuck – especially when using it to clean thick carpets. Appropriate weight avoids the dragging of your vacuum cleaner when using it. Lighter units are portable and easy to carry around.

Accessories and Attachments

Cord and nozzle length

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a long cord will assist you in cleaning a large portion of your house without having to regularly plug and unplug your machine.

Protective rubber

Rubber casings around the canister prevent the damage of walls and furniture when cleaning out.

Telescopic wand

Facilitates the adjustment of your vacuum cleaner in accordance with your height preventing any back ache or any difficulty that you may encounter when using the Vacuum cleaner.

Crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, and dusting brush

Crevice nozzle cleans hard to reach places whereas an upholstery brush specifically cleans curtains and furniture and lastly a dusting brush that
cleans out corners.

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