Types of Humidifiers and their Benefits for Health

With the change in climatic conditions the humid levels in the atmosphere also changes. The summer and winter seasons witnesses a drop in the humidity levels. For those people who are suffering from various allergies and respiratory problems do suffer because of the weather change. To keep all the health issues at bay, there are different kinds of humidifiers available and are easy to install in the house. These humidifiers help in balancing the humidity levels within your home so that your health is not suffered.


There are different sorts of humidifiers for an entire house as well as for the single room setting. These humidifiers along with balancing the humid levels in your house are also beneficial in improving your health.

There are particularly 4 types of humidifiers available to choose from:

Impeller humidifiers

Compared to other humidifiers, this one is economical. This humidifier is known for regulating the humid levels at regular levels which means you do not have to every time check and shift the settings. Also, this one consumes less power than other humidifiers.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These are the cheapest humidifiers of all other types. It comes featuring with oscillating plates and good storage for water. The vibration of the plates transforms the water into a fine mist which is than blown out of the fan.

Steam Humidifiers

In here, the device releases the moisture which is easy to regulate as per the dryness within the house. There are setting offered to control the humid temperature and are exceptionally hygienic devices that kills germs by releasing the sterile moisture.

Evaporative Humidifiers

These devices operate by releasing moisture in the air by blowing a water fan. This is a hygienic choice and doesn't pose any problems of dust or other particles being released in the room. Also, it is an energy efficient device and noise less.

Benefits of installing humidifiers in your home

The benefits of having installed the humidifiers are many; some of the primary ones are listed below.

  • If you are having kids, or specifically a new born then it is an excellent device to have. The humidifiers help the babies to sleep peacefully.
  • It prevents and relieves from scratchy skin problems. Especially people who have sensitive skin or very dry skin humidifiers improve the skin conditions.
  • People who have snoring problems, also notices reducing of their snoring by having installed humidifier in the house.
  • The air that it releases improves the atmosphere and the quality of the home. It helps moisturizes the respiratory system which is good for those people who are suffering from asthma.
  • The humidifiers moistures the air, therefore there is a great relief from the symptoms of cold, flu, nose bleeding, fever, allergies and sinusitis.
  • It keeps the mucus membranes of the nasal passage and throat moist. It also prevents nasal irritation and coughing.

As the lung and respiratory functions are dependent on the air you breathe, the air should be clean and germs free. Humidifiers work through the motor driven impeller which draws the water through its picking tubes and then boosts the water against the screen. This providing fine vapour releases and spread into the entire room air.

With proper humidity levels, it allows you to keep your respiratory system moist. It is good and effective in treating flu symptoms, irritated& itching skin and provides relief to the eyes as well. These humidifiers are easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning of the humidifiers is necessary so that they can provide healthy vapour.You can fill one litter of water which gives you protection for more than 18 hours.

Apart from improving health benefits, another significant benefit of using humidifier is it saves a lot on the heating bills. So choose one from the above types and get rid of allergies and other health issues.


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