Product Review: Bawell Premier Alkaline Water Ioniser Machine

In this article, we are going to review the Bawell Premier alkaline water ioniser machine. This machine can make alkaline ionised water with a PH range of 3.2 to 10 and an ORP range of +602 to -420.

Fitting perfectly on kitchen countertops, this machine features five plates and is covered by 60 days money-back satisfaction warranty as well as a limited lifetime warranty.

This appliance is very easy to use for users of all age and can be bought from Amazon or other online stores. To turn on the machine, all you need to to is to simply turn on your faucet tap and the machine will come out automatically on its own.


A great feature of Bawell Premier is a very large LCD screen that displays a lot of information about your water, that many other machines fail to do. This machine tells you the PH, the ORP, the total life (in liters), the water temperature, and the runoff rate of your acidic waste water. When you go to different levels of alkaline levels, the screen changes color as well, so you never get confused what level you have it on.

Another fabulous feature of this machine is that you can vary your PH and ORP either by selecting the alkaline level manually or by simply changing the flow rate from your faucet. When you increase the flow rate, the PH will decrease. When you decrease the flow rate, the PH, and ORP both increase.

However, an ORP of about -420 and a PH of 10 is useless as it’s very strong. Most people limit their PH to at about 7. Also, people are confused about ORP and they wonder what it stands for. Well, ORP stands for oxidation-reduction potential and it is a measure of the water’s intensity to act as an antioxidant. For example, when you drink fresh orange juice, it has a lot of natural antioxidants and accordingly it has an ORP of -150. One of the strongest fruits in nature is the lemongrass and it has an ORP of -200.

So what’s great with this machine it’s that you can jump around to different alkaline levels, and you can get different PH and ORP combinations by the push of a button. You can get a higher PH with a lower ORP or vice-versa.

In addition to the alkaline levels, this machine also produces filtered water which is pure filtered water. It does not have any ORP and is the same PH as the water normally pouring from the tap.

Bawell Premier can also make acidic water with a PH lower than 5.5. This kind of water is not recommended for drinking but is good to wash clothes, clean the room, for flowers and plants, etc. Plants love acidic water that’s perfect to make them grow very rapidly.

When you switch off the tap, the machine will turn itself off within seconds.

At the top of the machine, is cap where you can add liquids containing vitamins and minerals that will be mixed with the drinking water. Ionised calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, etc. are a better absorbed by your body at about 2-3 times faster and more efficiently as compared to the standard counterparts.

Changing the filter is very easy to do, all you have to do is to remove the back cover, take out the filter and replace it with a new one. A filter is set to be good for 1500 gallons, the equivalent of a one-year use for a family of four.

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