Tips When Buying a New Washer

wash-machineSince there are many different types of washing machines on the market, selecting the one that is most suitable for your particular needs can be a bit challenging and confusing. We will attempt to give you some buying tips that will make this process more straightforward for you. Selecting the right washing machine can certainly make your life a bit more convenient.

Front Load Or Top Load Washers?

In terms of energy efficiency a front load machine will be superior to a top load machine most of the time. In general, a front load machine will use less water and electricity than a top load model. Some brands like Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung have focused on efficiency and they tend to have the most efficient models. You should focus your attention on models that have received an Energy Star Rating. These are the most efficient machines on the market. However, there will be an energy efficient rating posted on each machine, and you can use this for comparison purposes.

Top load washers will not be as efficient as front loaders, but they do have their benefits. Most often, a top load machine will make more sense for small families. These machines are easier to maintain and use than front loaders. Another consideration is that people with back problems will find it easier to load and unload top loaders than front loaders. There are some high efficiency top load models, although they are not quite as efficient as the best front loaders.

Consider Drum Capacity

The drum capacity that you select will be dependent on the size of your average washing load. If you have a growing family, then your requirements may be increasing over time, so you may select a larger capacity than you currently need in anticipation of your future needs. If you are single, or a married couple without children, then it will make sense to select a relatively small drum capacity machine. Try to find a machine that senses the water level automatically or that at least has an option to half load the machine. If you do this you will not use an unneeded amount of power and water when the machine is operated and it is not full.

Consider The Physical Dimensions Of The Machine

If you have limited space, make sure you select a model that is able to fit into this space. Measure your space and bring these measurements with you when you go to buy a new washer. For some people, it is best to choose a washer and dryer combination that can be stacked, to minimize the use of space.

Consider Reliability And Performance

Consider the reliability record of each model you are considering. Consumer Reports magazine and their website are great sources of reliability data. They compare all of the major brands according to their reliability record. They survey hundreds of thousands of their members who have purchased washing machines and compare the results. This can be very important because these machines are generally under warranty for one year, then you are on your own. No one wants to buy a new washing machine any sooner than they have to, so check for the reliability and performance records of your machine prior to making a purchase.

Consider The Operating Costs

We already have touched upon this topic, but we will elaborate a little more. Washing machines can use a significant amount of water and electricity and cause your energy bills to rise. Consequently, it is in your best interest to choose a machine that is efficient, with the functionality you want. Fortunately, the U.S. Government has forced all appliance manufacturers to post the energy consumption of each model on the device. These figures are generated so that the consumer can easily compare energy consumption between models. You may have to check the data for each washing machine more closely to find out how much water it consumes.

Consider The Features

You should decide which features are most important to you. There is no sense paying for features that you will rarely or never use. Do you need it to have a delayed start? Is a child lock important to you? How many types of cycles do you need? Do you need a hand wash cycle? In general, the simpler the machine the less costly it will be and the less likely it is to need repairs, so only choose the features that you will use. Don’t allow a salesperson to talk you into buying features that are unnecessary.

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  1. when you’re buying a new washer make sure you pay attention to the energy consumption is pretty much the most important part of buying a washer in general.

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