Tips On How You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioning

AC-Contractor (1)Maintenance of your air conditioner includes regular checking and managing of the air conditioner coils, fins and filters, etc. It is important so that the AC will function efficiently and effectively throughout the years of its service. Failure to maintain properly will ensure the steady decline in its performance despite of its high energy consumption.

TIP: Maintaining an air conditioner is not an easy task. Visit for consulting a professional HVAC contractor regarding the maintenance of your air conditioning system. Thus you can improve the performance and efficiency of the system for years to come.


  • Filters serves as an essential component of an air conditioner. Maintenance of the filter regularly and replacing or cleaning the part will make sure that your air conditioner will work efficiently. Dirty and clogged filters usually block the normal flow of air and significantly reduce its efficiency. The normal airflow being obstructed, the air bypassing the filter will carry the dirt into evaporator coil directly which results in the impairment of the of heat- absorption capacity of the coil.
  • The filters of the central air conditioners are usually located in a region along the length of the return duct. Some locations of the common filter are in ceilings, walls, furnaces or may be in the conditioner itself. In case of room air conditioner, the filter is mounted in the grill which faces to the room.
  • Some filters type is reusable and others should be replaced. You should replace or clean the filter of the air conditioner regularly in a month or two particularly in the summer season. If the conditioning is used constantly, more attention should be given to its maintenance subjected to dust, debris, etc.

Conditioner coils

  • The evaporator coil and the condenser coil of the air conditioner collect dirt and dust overtime in its years of service. The quick soiling of the evaporator coil is prevented by the use of clean filter. However, over the time, the coil will start collecting dirt, which reduces the airflow and also insulates the coil thereby reducing the absorption of heat capacity. In order to avoid this, you should check and clean your evaporator coil annually.
  • The Outdoor condenser coils may also be very dirty in case your outdoor surrounding is very dusty or have foliage nearby. See if the condenser coil is collecting dirt on the fins. Minimize the dirt and the debris nearby the condenser area. Clean the area near the coil and trimming of the foliage back will allow the adequate flow of air around it.

Coil fins

The airflow of the coil can also be block when the aluminum coil fins on the condenser and evaporator happens to bent. "Fin comb" will comb the fins back nearly to its original condition.


The clogged of the drain channels will prevent the air conditioner from the reduction of humidity which will result in excess moisture and can also discolor your carpet or walls. Just pass a firm wire inside the drain to clean it.

Lastly, Inspect the seal in between the window frame and air conditioner to make sure it is in contact with metal case, before cooling starts. In winter, you should either cover or remove the air conditioner and store it in a safe place.

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