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An overview on basic gardening tools

basic-gardening-toolsSince many people love to plant flowers, plants or vegetables in the garden, the best gardening tools what they need. In other words, acquiring quality tools actually translates to an easier and safer work. If you also have this hobby or are curious, here are some guidelines.

First of all, it is very important to pay attention to the metalwork and how the parts are joined together. The metal head doesn’t have to be jammed directly into the handle but fixed into a socket that fits around the handle. This is very important because, otherwise, the metal head or the blade can loosen in time. Before you buy a tool, try to use it the same way you will use it in the garden because this the only way o really know if it is good for you or not. Don’t buy tools having painted wooden handles because they are usually meant to hide some defects or the inferior quality of the wood.

Trowels-are intended for planting flowers and bulbs or to dig out weeds. There are two main types: broad trowels for bulbs and flowers and narrow for weeds.

Pruners-are intended to cut plants, flowers and pruning twigs and dead wood. Buy the best you can afford otherwise they can hurt branches and not cut cleanly.

Knives-this tool may soon or later become your favorite due to its usefulness in many gardening works. I recommend you pay attention to the quality of the blade (made of steel) and the handle. A metal handle is recommended over wood or plastic handgrips and flexible blades.

Watering cans-with these tools you must consider those coming with a brass tip called rose. Such cans will make the watering more enjoyable and better for your plants and flowers.

Spades-represent the most important tool if you plan to plant shrubs or threes. Being a long handled tool, special care must be paid to the quality of the wood the handle is made of. Usually bad quality wood means a shorter life-time for this accessory and other costs for you later.

Leaf rakes-sometimes you need this tool for grass or plants. Both in wood or plastic are ok but my recommendation is to avoid metal leaf rakes.

Gloves-represent an accessory many gardeners are finding very useful to protect the hands and fingernails from soil and other damages.

Straw heats-are useful when working outside hours and hours. Protecting yourself against sun and heat is recommended so buy a quality straw heat.

Plastic trash cans-When you buy a trash can its size must meet your requirements so you can drag it around easily when you cut away annuals, dig weeds or prune.

Plastic bags-are as useful as trash cans but not as easy o use because they can blow away and reopening every time becomes annoying.

Happy gardening!

If you have any questions, please ask below!