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Ponds: How to Make Your Backyard Alive

backyardMost people are exposed to a greater amount of stress in their everyday life. Family, school or work issues are to be found in every sphere of our lives and this can have a very bad influence on our mental health. People are left with very little spare time for their hobbies or some relaxing activities and everything seems like a burden. Some of them opt for some relaxing therapies, while others can choose to make their own little oasis in their backyards, in order to have a place where they can take a nap, have a pleasant talk with their families or even do their work in much more pleasant surroundings than four gray walls. Building a pond takes so little effort and gives so much in return. If you have taken into consideration freshening up your garden with this trendy design, here are some more reason to do so!

garden pond

As there are many varieties when it comes to the shape and size of ponds, it can give you some room for your own creativity. You can be your own architect and designer. Ponds can vary from very small and simple ones to really big ones, inhabited by dozen fish species, surrounded by plants, rocks or other details that can enhance the beauty of it.

Make it livelier with fishes

For those of you who are willing to commit a little bit more time in the look of their garden, there are myriad of fish species that can really adorn your ponds and make them livelier and more colorful. Widely known goldfish are perfect for those of you who, due to the lack of space, had to choose a smaller pond. They came in various colors red, orange, red and white and other combinations and can grow up to 12 inches. On the other hand, if your pond is rather spacey you can choose Japanese Coi fish, which lives longer and can grow up to 3 feet. There are many other fish types that would look just as good in your pond as those previously mentioned (pygmy killifish, golden topminnow, banded pygmy sunfish, etc.)

Make it green, purple, pink, or whatever color you like with plants

colorful fishes

Except for fauna, you can have flora in and around your pond. Water lilies are the most common pond plants which do not harm the animal life in the water. They are easy to maintain and they will provide proper shade for the animal life inside the pond. Related to water lilies are the night blooming water lilies to keep your garden alive even during night. Another floating plant with a beautiful purple flower that can decorate your pond is the water Hyacinth. One of the flaws of this plant is that in order for it to bloom properly, it needs a lot of heat and sunlight which is perfect for people living in areas with hot climate. Underwater plants are useful for oxygenating water, which is very important for the animal life inside the pond. Some of those plants are: Dwarf Sagittaria, Jungle Val, Red Star Ludwigia, Rotala or Hornwort. Impatiens and marigolds are pretty cheap, yet wonderful option for surrounding your ponds with flowers. They bloom in various colors and in great amounts, which will be a pleasant sight for everyone who takes a peek at your garden.

A pond benefits the price of your home

A pond in your yard will definitely increase the price of your house, should you decide to sell it. Your house will surely attract many potential buyers as the pond will bring a sophisticated touch to it. These kinds of gardens are far more interesting and will seem as a perfect place for a glass of lemonade with your friends during the day or an evening party. An eye-catching design like this brings a dose of cosines that will make many people regard that house as a home.

They are beautiful, but how useful are ponds, really?

Ponds have another, more useful side than just being a decoration in your garden. They are extremely environmental friendly, even if they are artificial. Placing a pond in an area where once there was your lawn will help you save your money, while it will benefit the environment. Lawns need many chemicals for preserving the quality of the grass and this can sometimes harm nature. Watering your lawn can make you spend a lot more money, especially during the summer days, while ponds make it much easier: you may occasionally need to refill it and, sometimes, the rain will do the work for you! Also, you won't have to mow the lawn, thus saving the electricity or gas and, of course, you will have more time to spend with your friends and family or to do something that you really like.

a beautiful pond

Some people use bigger ponds in order to breed different kinds of fish so that they could sell it later or use them for their personal needs. In such big ponds, people can do recreational fishing, which brings a lot of joy to some people. Imagine fishing and drinking a beer on a sunny day with your best friend by the pond in your garden- wouldn’t that be lovely? Also, for people that organized their house according to feng-shui, it is highly recommendable to have a pond or other similar water design in your yard. It is said that this adds to the balance and harmony of your life.

In the end, the most important thing is relaxation

Having a pond will send you away from all of your problems, even if it is for a short period of time. Relaxing as they are, ponds will provide your home with calmness and freshness -with an overall pleasant atmosphere that will spare you from going to the therapist. As this will help you with the environmental awareness and also, in a way, help you to preserve the nature, this will be an excellent project for families with children, as they will learn a lot alongside their ponds filled with living organisms. Also, this will teach your children to be cautious around the water. So, if you are a person who enjoys nature, why not having a nature-like design in your own garden?

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