The Best Two Exercises to Get Bigger Arms

big armsExercising, working out and getting into shape can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. The premise is simple, to gain muscle - lift weights and eat lots of foods. To lose fat, hit the treadmill and lower you calorie intake. However this is simplifying things just a little too much. Whilst it does essentially boil down to those points, a little more effort needs to go into what you actually need to do.

However whilst many people spend too much thinking about what they need to eat, what routine they need to follow, what supplements they need to take. Its surprising how little thought goes into what you should wear, not only in the gym, but when exercising. Don't get us wrong, heading to the gym to lift some weights, or hitting the streets for a jog is certainly no fashion parade, consideration does need to be given to what you should wear, primarily for comfort and performance.

Why should you care about what you wear in the gym? There are a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons being, if you can see the muscle in action throughout the exercise, you can tell if its being worked properly.

For example a bodybuilder or gym goer who feels that there arms are "lagging" (not as developed as they should be) may want to hide their arms behind a baggy t-shirt. Likewise, they may want to try and extenuate their size, by creating an illusion of the muscle being larger than what it actually is by wearing a skin tight t-shirt.

A practical choice however, would be to wear a vest. There is a reason why the people’s arms are lagging, and watching them in work will prove to the quickest way of finding out what this cause of concern is. Most likely poor form will be the culprit. By wearing a vest, a large part of the body is exposed, and the entire arm can be seen for how it really looks. One can watch their muscle working, analyse their form, and amend it. Whilst this may sound like a silly excuse to show off your muscles, it actually is practical. So if your arms are lagging try this tip.

The next time you're work out involves arm training (whether bicep, tricep or both) wear a vest to the gym. When performing each of your exercises, look at how you are performing them in the mirror.

Barbell Bicep Curl: How is your form? Your grip should be shoulder width, with elbows tucked tightly into your sides. Your elbows should remain in this position throughout the entire movement. If they start to swing up, then the weight is too heavy. You will be using momentum (basically swinging the weight) to lift it. Whilst this may look impressive to you or your friends, you are not working the muscle. Those lagging arms? You've just found the problem.


Tricep Push Down: Those who complain of under-developed arms often rush to criticise their bicep. The Tricep however is 2/3's of the upper arm. Chances are, a beefier tricep will enhance your entire upper physique. When performing the tricep push down, again wear a vest, and watch how your elbows move. Tip - they shouldn't. Elbows should remain still for the entire movement, locked in tightly to your sides, much like with the barbell curl. If you find your elbows moving, lower the weight. Squeeze the tricep at the bottom of the movement, getting as much blood to the muscle as possible then slowly raise and repeat.


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