What you need to know about exercise bike resistance?

exercise bike resistance

Just like any kind of purchase, you should consider many factors when it comes to deciding which kind of exercise bike that you would buy. You should read many reviews on the recumbent bike that are available. Aside from choosing the right bike for you then you should also consider the price and the brand if it would suit you. You should not be wasting money on the purchase that you may regret later on.

You made a good choice in deciding to use exercise bikes because it will improve your muscular strength, improve your cardiovascular state, and also be acquiring other health benefits. Exercise bikes are not only used on the road but also for indoors if you prefer especially that you could not really predict the weather. That means that you could exercise at your own convenience. Biking is a good exercise for your overall health.

What is Exercise bike resistance?

A traditional bike could do wonders when it comes to getting into shape, but exercise bikes take it to the next level. When you will use exercise bikes, you will not only be pedaling. This is possible due to the varying levels of resistance. You should always consider the resistance feature when you are purchasing an exercise bike.

Tip: If you are looking for exercise bike with great resistance performance you should go for indoor spin bikes with magnetic resistance. However, indoor cycling bikes have two types of resistance; Magnetic and Friction resistance. Magnetic resistance is the advanced technology in indoor cycling bikes.


Three types of bike resistance

You should be aware that there are three types of bike resistance that will come with an exercise bike. There are differences that come with each type of bike resistance, and the comparisons are laid here.

  1. The fan type resistance

This works very simply. When you pedal, the fan will turn already. The mechanism means that when the speed increases, the air resistance also increases. An exercise bike that uses a fan instead of a flywheel has a huge resistance. If you want to challenge yourself for more resistance then pedal faster.

Instead of a flywheel, a fan type of exercise bike has a huge resistance fan instead. Its mechanism is pretty simple, by pedaling the fan starts to turn as well. The air resistance increases as the speed increases. This means that if the user wanted more resistance, all he has to do is pedal faster.

  1. The friction type resistance

This type of resistance works with its break-pads connected to the flywheel. The flywheel is also attached to the pedal. The magnet type of resistance that will be discussed later is much more expensive than the friction type resistance. The rider who wants more challenge on resistance will be pedaling tougher because of how the friction works by squeezing the flywheel tighter. You should know before purchasing the friction type that it has parts that you cannot replace right away. The parts also get old.

  1. The magnet-type resistance

Many exercise bike fellows who have experience with bikes say that the exercise bike with the magnet-type resistance is the most expensive one among all the other types because of its features. The magnet-type resistance is the most expensive because it uses electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic induction will give the resistance. Compared to the friction type of resistance, its parts don’t wear off. Many exercise bikes enthusiasts could attest that using the magnet-type resistance could make your exercise experience smooth.

It depends on you on what kind of resistance would you prefer as long as you’ve understood the differences between the three types of resistance as well as the price. Many would suggest that you should first try to buy the fan or friction type first before the magnetic type because the previous ones are cheaper, although you will be replacing the parts when they wear off.


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