What are the benefits of the rowing machine?

tgrgygtyThere are several aerobic exercises that individuals like us can utilize to improve our physical form, but in this article, we will focus on talking about the rowing machine, a device that is used frequently can bring many benefits to your physical and emotional health. With this machine, as the name implies, it simulates the movement that occurs when rowing, many muscles of the body are worked and, therefore, it is ideal for gaining strength, strength, and flexibility. It is also excellent for those who want to tone up and lose a few extra pounds.

  1. Exercising the body on the rowing machine is a great option when you want to work for several muscle groups at the same time, improve the mobility of different joints and enhance both physical endurance and flexibility and strength. Unlike other machines, rowing involves a large part of the body and allows you to exercise both the upper and lower part of the body. Here’s what specific areas of the body you can work on and what benefits the rowing will bring to each of them:

Legs:The continuous flexion and extension of legs that occurs when you do rowing allow you to exercise all the muscles of the calves, thighs, buttocks and hips. It improves the strength and flexibility of the legs to a large extent.

Arms:Like the legs, the arms also carry out a continuous movement of flexion and extension, so that all the muscles, including the shoulders, are worked, thus promoting their strength and flexibility.

Trunk:The war also allows strengthening and toning the entire upper trunk, as shoulders, chest, and back are completely involved in the movement.

  1. Training in the rowing machine is an excellent resistance exercise, which makes it also very beneficial for the circulatory system and the functioning of the heart. In addition, as we pointed out earlier, by involving the mobility of so many muscle groups at the same time, it improves blood circulation throughout the body and allows preventing diseases that can compromise cardiovascular health in the long term.
  2. Indoor rowing is also a good friend for those people or experts who are trying toburn body fatand lose some weight. By exercising both muscles of the body, the work is greater and, consequently, a greater fat burning occurs in less time. In fact, it is one of the most demanded machines for this purpose in the fitness rooms and is that it allows burning many more calories than other appliances that can be found in the gym. Keep in mind that in an intense rowing session, it is possible to burn up to 125 calories in as little as 15 minutes, or about 500 calories in about 60 minutes.


If you are in the difficult task of losing weight and for it, you have started to train in a gym on a regular basis, we advise you to consult our article How to lose weight in the gym; you will find tips that will be of great help to get it in a much way faster.

  1. We know that with physical activity, tensions are released and greater body relaxation is achieved after practice. And in this line is another of the great benefits of rowing, as it is an ideal fitness machine to discharge adrenaline, relieve tension and increase a number of endorphins that the body releases and all this is perfect to reduce stress and nervousness which can generate the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  1. It also provides a beneficial and adequate training for those who have suffered an injury and need to recover gradually. Although during exercise, muscles are stretched and contracted to a large extent, practiced at low intensity carries a slight impact on the joints which can be excellent for improving the mobility of the damaged or injured area. It is something that sets it apart from other aerobic activities, such as running.

Not only can you do a rowing workout in a gym, it is a machine that you can also purchase and install at home easily and conveniently. There are many models that can be folded easily to store them wherever you want, whether in the closet, under your bed, etc.

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