The True 14 Minute Workout With The Bowflex Max Trainer

The Max Trainer by Bowflex is recognized as one of the most innovative and unique products that has been created to assist individuals in losing weight and getting into shape in just 14 minutes a day. The product has since received many positive reviews mainly due to the fact that it possesses the abilities to offer an outstanding workout in a very short time frame. However, there are various other factors that have made the Max Trainer an outstanding fitness machine.



When using the Max Trainer on a consistent basis, the user will see results. Individuals who have been using the machine as a part of their regular exercise routines have experienced weight loss and added beneficial lean muscle. The Max Trainer offers the best results when used at least 4 times in a week. The beauty behind the workout is that the user is able to achieve a full-body workout in less than 15 minutes. This particular perk is really what sets this fitness equipment apart from others on the market as many people struggle to stay motivated and adhere to their fitness or weight loss routines.

The Compact And Sleek Design

The Max Trainer is easy to store away along with the other benefits of its extremely sleek design which adds in a significant convenience level in association to workouts. What this means for many people is that they are able to save on valuable time usually spent having to get ready to go to the gym in order to achieve their workouts. In addition, the user is able to quickly yet powerfully gain an outstanding workout in just 14 minutes. This feature has helped many to improve their productivity while at the same time remaining motivated. The Max Trainer is able to fit into just about any environment and can be placed to the side or corner of a room so that it does not restrict space.

The Price

In association to the price of this equipment, Bowflex has managed to offer an outstanding introductory price. The M3 is offered at the amazing price of just $999 and comes with an array of features that offers a high-quality and versatile machine at a fraction of the cost that most average elliptical machines cost. In addition the M5 as well as the M7 still remain affordable in contrast to other similar types of fitness machines available on the markets.


There are various reasons to fall in love with a Max Trainer, but one of the more important features would have to be functionality. Some of these include ease-of-use, the heart-rate monitor and the range of resistance levels. All of these combined contribute to a versatile and efficient all inclusive machine.

How Does The Bowflex Max Trainer Work?

The Max Trainer is available in 3 models which include the M3, M5 and the M7. Each model operates in similar ways, but features increase with the more expensive models. Similar to the elliptical it offers pedals for the user to stand and handholds in order to grip. The user can then choose to run, jog, stair climb or step using the resistance level that they prefer. The resistance choices offer the effort required to work-against that builds up leg and cardio strength.

Unlike the traditional elliptical machines, the Max Trainer offers full-body exercise. The foot pedals move with the hand holds which means the user gets to work out their legs and arms at the same time. In addition, the way the machine has been positioned ensures that the user is working the area of the abdomen which assist in building side, lower back and abs muscles with virtually zero impact.

Why Are There Three Different Models

Bowflex introduced the 3 models with the intention that some users will require additional features when compared to others. For certain people all that is needed is a quality machine that they can achieve a great workout on. These are the type of people that are looking to keep their exercise routines simple. While others require more variables such as training for sporting events. When choosing the right model it will all depend on what the user is looking to gain from the machine.

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