Great ways a hydration running belt can help you

I have always been a clutter bug – filling my pockets or backpack with essential items such as my cell phone, keys to my house, wallet, and then the less essential such as hand cream, sketch pads, deodorant, bottles of water and almost any receipt or utility bill that I have paid in the last month or two.


That doesn’t help me when I am scrambling to get ready for the gym or track – and trying to remember where I placed my keys often ends up in a 15 minute long panic/hunt. When I am at the track or jogging on the beach, I try to keep my clutter to a minimal. But there are some things that I just can’t do without and that’s: water, wallet, keys and cell phone. So I always pack up as minimalistic as I can, by taking those items and ONLY those vital items with me on my hydration running belt.

My hydration running belt carries just enough water to keep me adequately hydrated during my run, without weighting me down. And the holding pouch securely holds my keys, cell phone and wallet or loose cash – without restricting my movements or making me feel uncomfortable.

There are many types of belts, that cater to your own individual preferences – but my hydration running belt is as simple as they come for the fact that I would definitely clutter it up with extra items if I had the room to! Don’t get me wrong, the addition of a nutrient bar or two won’t get in your way – but knowing me, that’s probably not what I would use the extra room for!

How a Hydration running belt can help you

  • Ease of mind: When you run, you want to keep your mind on your stride, breathing and heartrate – NOT on where you placed your house/car keys. Keeping them secure in a safe and easy to access place on your body will take away that concern
  • Convenience: Holding a bottle of water on my runs really annoys me, as it would for most runners. You feel off kilter, and if I were a litter bug, I would totally throw that bottle to the ground, if I didn’t have anywhere to place it! That’s where my hydration running belt helps me out, by offering me an easy to access water holder. My bottle is secure, doesn’t get in my way and is reusable, which is a plus for environmentalists.
  • Pack a snack: As I had mentioned earlier, some people use the extra holding space for nutrient bars and other recover snacks for after run nutrition. This is particularly useful when running off trail or on long mountain hikes. I remember being young and naïve about how excellent a navigator I was on an off road mountain trail, needless to say, what should have been a gentle 2 hour hike, became a brutal 4 hour trek, all because I couldn’t find my way back out! Having some extra water and an energy bar, kept me going.

Since I have been using my belts, I have had a sense of freedom and peace of mind during my daily work and gym routine. Using my waterproof belts even during my swimming sessions, means I don’t have to worry about leaving my personal items on the sand.

During your workouts don’t forget:

  • Keep hydrated, your muscles need water to work properly
  • Keep cool – wear the appropriate protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Know your limits – if you feel you can’t push yourself anymore then take a break or call it quits for the day. Those who say push through the pain, don’t understand how much damage your muscles and organs take after an overly strenuous activity.
  • Go easy on your joints – mix up your workouts between land and sea to give your knees a much needed rest.

There is really nothing better that having a secure belt that will help keep all of your important items safe and on you at all times. I would recommend you take a look at the various types of belts out there for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!