7 outdoor workouts to keep you fit in winter

With more people used to exercising at the gym – especially in the winter – the good old outdoor workouts are often forgotten.

But with many gyms now closed, the silver lining is that many now spend more time moving and keeping fit outdoors.

Even in the winter cold, being outside is good not just for the body but also for the mind. We connect with nature, leave our devices behind, and focus on the here and now.

So, don’t overthink it and go for it! Here are 7 outdoor workouts to keep you fit in winter!

Cover your bases

First things first. When it’s cold outside, you need just a little bit extra preparation before your workout.

Wear layers and sweat-wicking clothes to keep you warm, dry, and adaptable to the changing weather.

Choose bright colored clothes. Winter is both cold and dark, so you need to be visible in the rain, snow, overcast or dark skies.

Don’t forget sunscreen and a water bottle. Yes, you need to protect your skin even in winter, and hydration is critical even if you sweat less than on a hot summer day.

Finally – don’t skip the warm-up! It’s vital to increase blood flow and temperature in the muscles to prevent injuries, especially in cold weather.


Doesn’t sound too exciting? Think again!

It’s a great form of exercise for anyone. It’s easy on the joints, you don’t need any equipment, and if it’s icy and slippery out there, it’s much safer than anything else.

Experts recommend walking at least 30 minutes per day, which yields incredible results. It reduces the risks of diabetes, heart disease, high pressure, lowers stress, and anxiety.

If you want to be more active – walk for 60 minutes. If you want to feel you’re not even exercising, incorporate walking into your daily life. Take a walk during lunchtime, while listening to a podcast, or stroll instead of driving to the favorite coffee shop.


Jogging is a great way to improve your stamina, get your heart pumping, and burn some calories!

Make sure you wear proper shoes to protect those joints and don’t overdo it. Start slower and increase the activity gradually each time.

If possible, choose a terrain cleared of any snow or ice, avoid wooded areas that have broken branches, holes, and other dangers in the way.

Lastly, pay attention to your breathing because, in cold weather, airway passages tend to narrow, making it more difficult. Wrap a scarf or a bandana around your mouth to keep the air moist and trap the water vapor.


Another fun, no-equipment way to work out in winter is hiking.

You not only get your heart pumping, but the constant up-down movement works your legs real good!

What’s also fantastic (and not available at the gym) is the nature and beautiful landscapes. Listening to birds chirping, snow crunching, and inhaling the fresh air gives your mind much needed rest.

Invite a friend along and make it a day! Find the best local trails (avoid the difficult ones you’d go for in summer because they can be too dangerous), get some light snacks, and start exploring!

Cross-country skiing

According, cross-country skiing engages pretty much all your body muscles and requires some serious endurance. That’s precisely what we want in a workout!

It’s so much fun done with a group of friends, but you will need to buy or rent the skis and make sure you wear proper clothing.

It’s an investment worth making, though, if you live in an area that often has snow, as it gives not only a great cardio workout but also the opportunity to spend quality time outside.

Ice Skating

An incredibly fun way to move and enjoy the winter is ice skating! AsFitFatherProject.comexplains, skating is a great cardiovascular sport as it gets your heart racing.

At the same time, it improves your core, balance, and lower body strength.

If you’re lucky and you have an outdoor ice skating rink (or a frozen pond!) in the area – go for that, but an indoor rink is just as fun!


For those winter days without snow and ice, cycling is a great way to get out of the house and move! However, make sure your bike is still properly fitted for cold-weather conditions.

Cycling works your quadriceps and gives a proper cardio workout. You can cycle to work or explore your city and neighborhood.

Here are some nice and fun activities you can do during Winter. Despite the current COVID-19 restrictions you can still work out outdoors, following the safety procedures.

You don’t need a crazy exercise routine, like the ones that the fighters in BetAmerica MMA odds follow. You just need to follow your own rhythm and sooner or later you will see the positive effects in your body.

By Milda Urbonaite

If you have any questions, please ask below!