Advanced Archery Products and How they can Help Archers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce a skill to survive the deadliest of battles, archery has now relegated to the ranks of innocuous entertainment. People join archery schools to learn it and outperform others in the competitions. The thoughts of harming others don’t occupy their minds.

Bowhunters, however, look at archery from a completely different angle. But that’s not what we are to discuss in this article. Our discussion will center around the latest developments of archery related products.

Redesigned pin nocks


A pin nock guarantees accuracy and precision. Both are key considerations for an archer and by following some tips, he can excel in these departments. The redesigned pin nocks come with increased precision. They also feature large grooves. For better results, archers opt for tight group shooting. The only problem with it is rear impact, from which, the redesigned pin nocks offer useful protection.

Single cams are more or less outdated, other cam types in a compound bow sport a higher impulse design. The redesigned nocks are well-equipped to handle such cam systems. They feature single snap, which is ideal for precision-based target shooting.

Small groove models

small groove

There are nocks with small grooves in the market. Such a nock sports a precision guided smooth outer design. The design was used earlier in 2012 London Olympics in the Men's individual gold category.

Short high-clearance grooves: These types of grooves help an archer increase accuracy in shooting.

Small vertical dimension grooves: The specialty of such grooves is they come with smooth surface and deliver the archer comfort at the time of a full draw.

Arrow shaft sizing


When archers use long draw recurve bow in archery competitions, they carry more than 50 pounds of weight. Subsequently, they need custom size arrow shaft. The size of an arrow is highly important. If you aren't sure how to determine the accurate length of an arrow, check this.

New arrow shafts that are apt in size are now available in the market. These shafts rule out the need for archers to trim them from their back. A trimmed arrow shaft translates to better dynamic spine.

The makers of the new arrow shafts said they are incredibly helpful for finger shooters. As outlined by them, some of the features of those shafts are:

  • A fully tapered backside
  • Better clearance

Normally, an increase in the stiffness of the shaft results in a change in its mass. But the new arrow shafts with optimized sizing are built with carbon fiber and resin system. Such build materials increase the stiffness of the shafts while at the same time, allow them to retain their mass, so the mass remains within the level of proven efficiency.

An arrow shaft at a GPI (grains per inch) of 8.9 has a spine size of 380. The new arrow shafts, 350 and 325 have 8.4 GPI and 8.8 GPI respectively, which means both are well under the 380 spine size.

Backpack for recurve bow


Even though there's no dearth of recurve backpacks in the market, majority of them are ordinary bags with shoulder straps. A backpack is to keep your bow inside it and have it slung over your shoulders.

The elite recurve backpacks come with a harness and a full-suspension frame. Expedition grade mountaineers carry such backpacks.

The design: The latest recurve backpacks are made of fabrics that are of expedition standard. High quality YKK zippers and frame made of alloy-carbon are the materials used to manufacture them.

The capacity: Two takedown bows can easily fit inside a modern recurve backpack. The risers of such bows can be as long as 27-inches. Other than the bows, the backpack can also house raingear, optical arrangements, quiver and other archery tools.

The benefits: A well-equipped recurve backpack allows an archer to carry nearly 25 kg load without putting any kind of stress on his shoulders. It's essential for shooters to keep their shoulders free from stress and a high-end recurve backpack puts the weight on their hips, not on their shoulders.

Skill and product

By and large, archery is skill dependent. The more an archer practices, the better becomes his skills. But skill development alone is not going to help him; he also needs the right product. The products that we described above meet an archer's requirements. So if you are an aspiring archer, look out for them next time you'll be shopping for archery equipment.

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