Top Tea Brands That Can Make Your Day

India is one of the biggest exporters of tea and there is no denying the fact that Indians consume tea more than anyone. The presence of different brands of tea; be it Brooke Bond Taj Mahal or any other; provide distinct taste to your tongue.

If you are a real tea lover, then you wouldn’t compromise with the brand of tea that you consume, no matter what. It is not only about the taste but satisfaction. Once you get addicted to tea, it becomes tough to quit it. So, here are top 5 tea brands that can satiate your tongue and provide you a rejuvenating experience.

Here are Top 5 tea Brands that can Satiate your Tongue and Provide You a Rejuvenating Experience.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal:


Although you may find various brands of tea in the market, but Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has the capacity to outstand all those brands. The aroma of this tea is nothing but tempting. The particular and tropical tea leaves provide you energizing taste. Just one cup of tea can take away the exhaustion of the entire day.

Lipton Darjeeling Tea:


Every Indian must be aware of the ultimate source of the tea plantation that is; Darjeeling. So, if you get a chance to experience the tea that has come straightly from its abode, you wouldn’t want to let go of it. They handpick every leaf and then decide whether it is worthy enough to transform it into tea so that you can get the fine taste and luscious aroma.

Tata Tea Agni:


Tata is one of the oldest companies and is known for the fine quality of its products. Same goes for its tea! This tea is cost effective and provides you a conclusive fragrance and taste. The small fragments of the Tata tea assure you a rejuvenating and strong sip.

Wagh Bakri:


Wagh Bakri is a household brand. It offers you nothing but perfection. The tea leaves used to manufacture the tea grains offers you energy and strength. Being a tea lover, what more would you demand than the consistent quality and the perfect blend of aroma and taste? Besides, it only takes a few amounts of the grains to prepare the tea for a group.

Organic India:


This brand produces the tea that is beneficial for your health, be it green tea or lemon tea. If you are much of a fitness freak, then a cup of organic tea can add more to your health. The green tea from this brand helps you with the removal of the oxidants present in your body. So, if you are not much in a favor of strong milk tea, then you can go for this one.

There would hardly be any person who wouldn’t like tea. Moreover, when you have so many options in front of you, then you get an opportunity to try different flavors with a different aroma. So, these are the top 5 brands of tea that are there to satiate your heart. One cup of tea every morning surely offers an energetic day.


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