The Health Benefits Of Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are small electronic appliances that attach to the faucets in your home and change the pH level of your water. Water ionizers can also filter your water and add minerals. Ionized water can be either alkaline, with a pH level greater than 7, or acidic, with a pH level less than 7. Alkaline water is used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, and acidic water is used for washing skin, hair, and watering plants. You may have heard the claim that ionized water is better for your health, but you probably don't know the various ways in which it can be beneficial.

Here is a list of several benefits of water ionizers.

Antioxidant Benefits

When ingested, alkaline water is an excellent source of antioxidants. You probably already know that antioxidants are good for you. This is because they fight free radicals, harmful molecules that are known to damage cells and cause many diseases, including cancer. Water ionizers add hydroxyl ions to your water that help to neutralize free radicals. Because of this molecular process, drinking ionized water can help you fight off cancer and disease as well as boost your energy levels.


Hydration Benefits

Because ionized water molecules are smaller than regular water molecules, they can penetrate the cell wall faster and more easily. People who drink ionized water are able to rehydrate their bodies much more quickly than those who drink regular water. These hydration benefits also help detoxify your body more quickly.

Cooking Benefits

The hydration benefits also apply to plants and animals, so food cooked with ionized water is significantly more moist than food that is cooked with regular water. It also tastes much better.

Cleaning Benefits

Alkaline water cleans and sanitizes much more effectively than regular water. You can use your ionized alkaline water to clean your home, wash your laundry, and remove bacteria and pesticides from your fruits and vegetables.

Skin and Hair Benefits

For shower heads and bathroom faucets, set your water ionizers to lower the pH of your water so that it is acidic. Acidic water helps to cleanse, exfoliate, and tighten skin cells much more effectively than regular water. Those who suffer from acne or other skin problems usually notice a significant improvement with acidic water because it helps to kill bacteria and other harmful substances on the skin. Washing your hair with acidic water will help make it stronger and improve its overall appearance.

Plant Benefits

Acidic water can also be beneficial for growing certain types of plants. Many plants thrive in a more acidic environment, so adding ionized water can help boost your garden. Use ionized water for strawberries, squash, tomatoes, sunflowers, roses, and many more of your favorite plants.

Adjustable pH Benefits

Water ionizers allow you to adjust the pH level of your water to your preferred level. You can have water that is slightly alkaline for drinking, and you can adjust the levels for a higher alkaline content when you want to cook or clean. You can also adjust the level of your acidic water until you find the right balance for your skin, hair, and plants.

Purification Benefits

In addition to changing the pH level of your water, water ionizers also purify your water and remove harmful substances and pollutants. Ionized water is completely safe for everyone, including babies and those with very sensitive stomachs.
If you are considering purchasing water ionizers for your home, these benefits should help you feel more confident in your decision. Ionized water has many benefits, including antioxidants, better hydration, enhanced cooking, better cleaning, healthier skin and hair, healthier plants, adjustable pH levels, and increased purification. With ionized water, you'll be on your way to a much cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

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