Manage Your Blood Pressure without Medicines

One of the reasons for your injury which can kill you is your un-managed high blood pressure, which is also known as HBP. No surprised that it is often regarded as the "silent killer". HBP has no such symptoms that you may be aware. It will silently damage different organs, including your heart and arteries.

Consequences of High Blood Pressure inside the Body

Health consequences that is possible when blood pressure is untreated and includes continuous negligence on treatment.

  • Damage in the coronary arteries and heart includes heart diseases, heart failure, aortic dissection, congestive heart failure and atherosclerosis
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Kidney damage
  • Stroke
  • Poor vision
  • Fluid in the lungs
  • Impotency
  • Memory loss
  • Angina

These conditions might be treated with medicines. However, HBP medicines do have a fair share of side-effects. Hence, you might want to control the condition by holistic methods.

The ways by which you can manage with minimum clinical assistance are:

  • Melt extra pounds and lose waist fats

Often, the chance of developing HBP increases with the increase in weight. By losing 10 pounds may help to reduce your blood pressure. Generally, the more weight you reduce, the more BP will decrease. Losing weight makes your blood pressure medication more effective. You can discuss with your doctor to determine the target weight to achieve in the best way.

You should also keep a careful watch on your waistline. If you carry too much weight around your waist you put a high risk of increasing your high blood pressure. Generally:

  • Men are at risk if their waistline is greater than 40 inches.
  • Women are at risk after if their waistline is increased by 35 inches.
  • The waistline in case of Asian women should not be greater than 32 inches.
  • In case of Asian men the waistline should not go beyond 36 inches.
  • Eat a healthy diet

The diet which is full of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy skimps and product with saturated cholesterol and fat may lower your blood pressure up to 14 mm Hg. Eating plan should be proper. Make sure that you get your diet chart done by a professional.

Adopting a healthy diet may help you many ways:

  • You can maintain your own food diary , writing down whatever you eat for the just a week with your surprising eating habits. Keep a watch on what, how much and you eat.
  • Boosting potassium must be lessened with boosting potassium. It lessens the effect on blood pressure. The best source of potassium is fruit and vegetables rather than the supplements that lower your potassium level. Consult your doctor for high level potassium level.

Make the specification on healthy food items smartly and read the labels to avoid junk food.

  • Reduce Sodium in Your Diet

Small reduction of sodium may reduce your blood pressure. Limit sodium to 2300 mg a day.

For decreasing sodium in your diet considers the tips:

¤ Tack your intake of sodium each day through your food and drink.

¤ Choose low sodium food and beverages for the diet.

¤ Packed and half packed food must be avoided as they have a huge amount of sodium content in them.

¤ To add flavor to your food add herbs and spices by reducing sodium level.

¤ Keep an ease with your sodium reduction. If you feel like that sodium has reduced a lot in the food you can add deistical change to your palate over time.

As to conclude, if you are looking for your natural solutions by reducing your blood pressure you can go through specific scientific case studies that might throw some practical help on how to decrease your blood pressure.

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