Why Does Acne Mainly Appear on the Face?

shutterstock_121961923 (1)Research shows that of all the people that complain about acne problems, small percentage experience acne on other regions of the body other than on the face. This has left a lot of questions unanswered and opened up very heated debates. The reasons as to why this is the case remain unclear despite a lot of research being done on the same. In my teenage, I experienced some acne on my back and my shoulders. This was for close to two months and all, this time, my face was very smooth. Then the worst happened as I was about to exit teenage. Acne suddenly attacked my face. The situation was worse than any that I have seen with anyone else. I did not understand why in the face, and I did a lot of research by reading a lot of materials about skin care and acne management. Below are some of the reasons associated with why acne mainly appears on the face.

Signals of internal medical conditions
Many diseases and internal conditions will show symptoms and signs on the face. The skin around the face is believed to be thin. This makes it possible for pimples and acne signaling internal body conditions to show on the face than on other regions of the body. Virtually all diseases and body conditions will start by demonstrating signs around the face. Professionals have now mastered what is called the face mapping. This enables them to observe the type of acne and pimples appearing on the face and using it to diagnose internal health conditions. Face map divides the face into various regions and acne appearing on a particular area is interpreted to be a signal for a particular condition. This explains why we should not just pick treatment for acne from the shelves.

The face is prone to germs
You will agree and concur with me that it is very difficult to keep your hands off your face as compared to other parts of the body. Dirty hands that could be infected by bacteria are considered as what causes acne around the face. This can be controlled by washing our hands properly using clean water and soap. The other primary cause of acne especially around the lower cheeks is dirty cell phones. As we pick calls, the phone rests on the cheeks. This leads to bacterial infection in case of dirty phones. Phones can be cleaned using a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Treatment for acne cannot control acne caused by bacterial infection.

The face has the most oil glands
Despite the skin around the face being thin, it has the most number of oil glands. Therefore, in the case of any oil issue, the problem will directly show on the face and in rare occasions on other parts of the body like the back and the shoulders. Some of the main factors that may lead to a change in oil levels in the body are stress and some health conditions. When you have stress, oil glands will produce more oil. This oil can only get out of the body through oil glands. This may at times lead to swelling and reddening of the pores around the oil glands. Note that the face has the most oil glands, and this is the reason acne appear mainly on the face. In ladies, when hormones fall below the proper levels before onset of periods, it may lead to acne in the face region around the chin.

When we sweat, many people tend to wipe off the sweat flowing down the face than in any other parts of the body. This leads to squeezing of the salt particles, oils and other debris on the skin in the pores. This prevents proper excretion by the affected pores. People who wear caps and hats may also lead to blockage of the pores. Such people are advised to use clean caps which are cleaned using laundry detergents. As of drying sweat, especially when working out, it is a good routine to use a clean cotton towel. Also, do not rub to dry sweat but instead tap your face with the towel. This will prevent you from blocking the pores.

Beauty products
Many people are keen on enhancing their looks. This has led to the use of different ingredients and products on the face. This is termed as to what causes acne problems in most ladies. When they apply different layers of beauty products on the face, they prevent proper breathing. Sweat pores are also blocked and this leads to acne. Oily hair products also contribute to acne. When you sweat, the oil flows down the face and blocks the sweat pores. This aggravates acne problem in most teens.

We now understand the main issues that lead to or increase the appearance of acne on the face. These may not be the only known reasons but are of great concern. Most of the causes can be controlled. You now have the power and knowledge to protect your face from damage by acne and pimples.

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