Top 10 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

eat healthy foodLong, luscious, and thick hair is an asset of pride to any woman. But during the course of their life, women tend to experience the annoying problem of hair fall. Although losing few hair strands is natural, when it exceeds the limits, and you don’t find enough new hair growing, then this is an indicator of a serious problem.

Hair loss in females can be due to various reasons. Some are specific while most of them are common reasons. So, if you too have noticed excessive hair fall over past few months and want to know the common reasons for it, then here we list the 10 common causes of hair loss in females.

  1. Hormonal Imbalances– One of the common causes of hair loss in women aging from 30 to 55 years is hormonal imbalances. Scientifically, this form of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. If you are experiencing hair loss because of this factor, then your hair will first become thin and then tend to fall.
  2. Aging– As we grow old, our hair follicles become weak, and hence, our hair starts losing its strength. The roots of the hair become weak with increasing age, and even the hair follicles shrink to a great extent. So, aging is one of the primary reasons for hair loss among females.
  3. Long-term Illness– Women suffering from diseases, such as thyroid, cancer, blood pressure, and more may tend to lose their hair even if they are not of high age. These ailments can weaken the body cells, including that of hair. As the ailment grows, the body cells tend to become weaker and ultimately results in hair loss. Other than this, radiations and infections met within the body during various ailments can also result in hair loss in women.
  4. Physical Damage of Hair Due to Sudden Changes in The Body – If there is any sudden physical change in the body, especially women, then this will result in hair loss. Such sudden changes can be due to any reason, like immense weight loss, pregnancy, disease, surgery, or any other. During such a change the body needs time to cope up and retain to its natural being and might result in hair loss.
  5. Increased Levels of Stress– Taking too much stress is harmful not just for your skin, but even for your hair. Stress results in various mental and physical disorders, and one of the major body part affected by it is hair. Stress affects the way we eat, sleep, and results in mood swings. All this ultimately leads to excessive loss of hair.
  6. Over Cleansing and Drying Hair– You might be using one of the best products for cleaning your hair, but are you sure that is gentle and chemical free. Most of the shampoos and conditioners available in the market are rich in chemicals, paraben, and even have high alcohol content. Washing hair is essential and even good for its overall health, but if you wash your hair too much or on a daily basis, then this will damage your hair. The chemicals in shampoo are extremely strong and may take off natural oil from the hair. For such reasons, it is important to wash your hair only when it is of utmost requirement. Also, if you wish to dry your hair then make sure you follow the natural air drying process. Using a blow dryer or hot fan before combing can result in hair fall.
  7. Environmental Factors – Your environment plays a pivotal role in damaging your skin, hair, or overall health. If you reside in an area with high level of air pollution, free radicals, smoke, dust, and more, then this will be attracted to your hair. The dirt gets smothered in the hair and attack the scalp. As a result, this results in damage to hair roots, weak hair follicles, and eventually hair fall.
  8. Deficiency of Proteins – Our hair is made with a protein known as keratin. If you follow an unhealthy diet that lacks protein, then this will make your hair brittle, frizzy, and damaged.he hair strands get weak, then the hair will fall prematurely. So, if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, then it is essential that you consume a high protein diet on a daily basis. Other than this, you can also use a keratin rich shampoo to wash your hair.
  9. Life Changes – Changes in lifestyle can result in various imbalances in women and may make them lose their hair. If you have undergone a major lifestyle change, then might be you would experience a hair fall. Also, most of the women experience this problem when reaching their menopause.
  10. Over Usage of Hair Styling Products – Females have an inclination towards trying new hairstyles and using different types of hair styling products. But this can be a major reason for leading hair fall among them. Exposing your hair to too much pressure, heat, chemicals, and other substances damages the hair and weaken the roots and hair follicles. It is therefore essential that you avoid excessive using of such products and always follow a natural hair care regimen.

Women have numerous possibilities of experiencing hair loss. If you are also suffering from this problem, then the only way to combat it is to identify its root cause. For this, it is suggested to consult an expert hair stylist or hair expert at the earliest.

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