Sex as an Anti-Aging Factor: The Hidden Health Benefits of Sex

Anti-Aging SecretYou are probably wondering what is the relationship between sex and a younger and healthier look. An active sex life will guarantee you a younger look. Other than other health benefits such as a better vascular system and psychological health related to a healthy sex life, it will also make toy look younger.

A healthy sex life has a number of health benefits. These include:

It Helps Boost your Immune System

Individuals who are sexually active are less likely to fall ill. This is because their bodies contain higher levels of antibodies which are responsible for fighting against disease causing bacteria, viruses and gems. According to research, a healthy lifestyle of about two days in a week is good enough to have boost your immune system.

Helps improve bladder control in women. It helps to have a strong pelvic floor in order to be able to control your bladder.

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Healthy Sex Lowers Blood Pressure

A healthy sex life helps support better functioning and a healthy heart. In this, individuals who are sexually active have less chances of suffering from a heart attack. This goes hand in hand with lowering your blood pressure.

Sex And Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a habit that helps keep you healthy and physically fit. Talking of exercise, not many people have the time to work out in a gym. Others simply feel too lazy to enroll in any physical activity. Well, there is an alternative to all these. A healthy sex life is as good an exercise as any other form of exercise. Just because you are not athletic or you find exercising a little troublesome, does not mean you cannot also have an active sex life. Sex is also part of exercising. You cannot compare going to the gym and sexual activity, but it is true that a healthy sexual lifestyle will help you burn some calories.

Anti-aging and Healthy Sex Life Research

According to research, sex comes with several benefits. These benefits are beneficial to both men and women. For those individuals who are sexually active, they tend to look about 5 to 7 years younger. This research was conducted by Dr. David Weeks of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. This conclusion was arrived at after a group of both male and female participants participated in the research.

Sex for Anti-Aging

More than enough times, you will hear conversations on sex and anti-aging. As research would have it, an active sex life promotes a younger look and feel. Its benefits are better with regular sex. Not only do you burn calories but you body also produces endorphins. These are what is commonly referred to as happy hormones. This are considered as a natural painkiller which also promotes good circulation. With happy hormones, individuals tend to control stress levels and anxiety.

According to proven research, a healthy sex life will also promote better sleep. In this, growth hormones are stimulated. As a result, you skin looks supple and it retains its elasticity. This is an alternative to the human growth hormone anti-aging treatments also referred to as anti-aging injections. Rather than take the injections of fountain of youth, it is better to exercise a healthier lifestyle and natural anti-aging techniques stimulate the growth hormones. You will spend less and at the same time look younger.

A healthy sex life helps in weight management. Since sex is part of an exercise pattern, it helps individuals lose weight. This is possible as you tend to burn calories during sex. With a healthy weight comes a better looking skin that is not sagging. In addition, your skin looks full and the wrinkles and fine lines do not form easily.

It is therefore evident that sexual activity has a direct link to a healthier and better looking skin. Other than its other health benefits, a regular sexual active lifestyle is a great way to slow down the aging process. Individuals seem happier due to the release of the happy hormone and as an exercise, it is worth every benefit. Individuals are able to control stress levels and anxiety which are causes of aging signs. With a healthy and active sex life, you are definitely slowing down the aging process.

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