List of Weird Beauty Gadgets

Nose-StraightenerThe fashion industry is always coming out with beauty gadgets. Some are good, some are not but the point here is that being the first to try a beauty gadget even though it may be weird could be the next trending phase for everyone to follow.

Here is a list of the 10 most weird beauty gadgets that have recently been promoted on the market.

The Hana Hana Nose Stretcher

This is definitely a unique product provided by the Japanese. Many people are absorbed by the shapes of their noses. Many Japanese women were self-conscious about their unique small flat noses so someone created a contraption to make a nose look bigger and longer. This is actually a high quality clothes pin that will enhance the nose by clipping it on the nose for a few minutes each day. Claims are made that the nose cartilage is stretched to create a new nose.

Face Slimmer

People that want slimmer faces can put on a rubber mask that is supposed to melt away the fat muscles in your face and massage it at the same time. Slimmer faces are supposed to invoke inner beauty.

Head Bath Cap

People that want a fuller head of hair could try to use this product. This is a water tight cap that is filled with water and put over a head. The premise is that the water is good for the scalp and allows the hair to grow thicker.


This product is for people who happen to be up all night and must show that vitality look in the morning. This skin primer is put on before the regular makeup on the skin and it will create the look of a complexion that is flawless. This product is actually a nontoxic silicon based product that will ensure a gorgeous face in the morning.

Skin Illuminators

This product is designed to reflect high density light from the skin giving it a beauty appeal. Along with a primer, this cream is added on the skin and results in a fresh faced look that gives the impression of a younger skin.

Lip Specials

Beauty stars that adorn fashion magazines all seem to exhibit those luscious full lips. There are pricey lip products that can provide this look but here is a DIY method that will give the same effect. Buy a bottle of cinnamon oil and apply it to the lips. This is a temporary effect only that lasts for a couple of hours but applying it to the lips will cause the blood to gravitate and give a beauty star look.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

To ensure that you get that close shave, this shaver has a moisturizer strip built in along with its 5 razors incorporated within it.

Urban Decay Fashion Lip Gloss

Actually this is nothing new but high quality lip gloss but with a twist. If looking for recognition a woman can put on this lip gloss with the picture of a man to give the impression that is who you are impressing.

Lindo Twist-n-Roll Facial Hair Removal Tweezers

Removing hair painlessly is what these tweezers provide. This product looks like it would hurt pulling off hairs one by one but the reviews have come in favorably. It gently removes hair from the upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck in one swift twist motion.

Lancome Oscillation Power Foundation

This is a handheld vibrating brush sponge that allows a foundation based mineral to be layered into the skin. Reports have come in to the positive on this device because it seems to polish away the imperfections on the skin and gives it that professional salon look.

An article published by Sam Moser. He was inspired about fashion and beauty trends when he came across the Avalon School of Cosmetology.

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