How Sleep can Affect Your Weight Loss Goals

slim-versus-overweightYou should probably be aware how a good night’s sleep has a number of genuine benefits for your general health-but did you know it could have a direct impact on not only how fit you are, but how productive your workouts are? Sleep is important on a number of levels-and we’re going to look at some of the most important of them.

Firstly, a good night’s sleep sets you up for a productive day. Having poor quality, or not enough sleep often increases stress and makes normal tasks difficult, let alone working out. If you suffer from chronic lack of sleep, you’ll find it hard to get the energy together to go for a run or burn the calories you want. Not only that, but sleep actually helps set your metabolism up so that it burns food properly, and not getting enough could make a difference.

Simply sleeping MORE isn’t necessarily the answer, either. Your body goes through a number of sleep stages each night, from light to deep. Each stage lasts roughly 45 minutes and cycles through. You’ll feel much better and have more energy if you wake from a light sleep stage rather than being jolted out of a deep one. That’s why simple rolling over and going back to sleep if you’ve got time to isn’t always the right answer. Some sleep alarm clocks will sense when you’re in a lighter stage before waking you, meaning you could actually feel better after 7 hours sleep than 8 or 9.

Being woken at the right time will make you feel better, and sometimes too much sleep can make you feel worse. Getting the right amount of sleep will give you optimum mood and energy levels for the following day, meaning you can motivate yourself more easily to achieve what you want to achieve.

Aside from making it easier to keep fit, sleep plays a number of other important roles in keeping you healthy. If you suffer from a constant lack of sleep, you’ll be far more likely to reach for convenient, high fat snacks in order to get a sudden burst of energy. Instead of eating healthy meals, sleep deprived people often grab things like donuts or sugary sodas when they experience drops in energy. When you combine this with the drop in efficiency of your metabolism that occurs due to a lack of sleep, and you can see how important getting enough of it can be.

Hopefully, you’ve seen how important sleep is for your health. Not only does a lack of sleep not sit compatibly with a good quality diet or trying to lose weight, but it’s simply beneficial for so many other facets of your life. If you’re having problems with your sleep, get them fixed as soon as you can.


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