Factors to Keep in Mind while Opting for Neck Pain Pillow

peaceful-sleepYou do not know but the pillow you are using is the main culprit behind the pain that you wake up with every morning. Not many people understand the importance of choosing the best neck pain pillow. Many people often consider the pillows that are soft. Though it is an important factor, there are also other aspects that need your attention. There are great benefits associated with choosing the right pillow. It helps in soothing your neck pain. Apart from this, it also helps in taking care of the spinal cord and cervical conditions.

To make it easier for you to choose the best pillow for neck pain, these aspects will prove useful:

Consider the size

This is also an important factor to be considered. When considering the size of the cushion you need to pay attention to your height and weight. Pillows are available in varied sizes like small, medium and large.

Consider the fillings

The final step is choosing the neck and head support fillings for effective neck pain management. Some of the common fillers available are:

  • Memory foam - This is one of the most considered ones as it helps in reducing the pressure points. It is done by molding and adjusting according to your body’s shape.
  • Down or feather - A large number of sleep experts consider this cushion filling among all. People suffering from allergies or asthma need to avoid these pillows.
  • Fiber - You can consider these pillows instead of down pillows. These are effective and help in treating neck pain.

Know your sleeping position

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a neck pain pillow. A person does not sustain the same sleeping position all through the night. However, every person has a specific sleeping position that helps to sleep peacefully. If you are someone who sleeps in all different positions it is wise to choose a neck pillow that has comfortable surfaces for the side and back. A great neck and head support is a perfect sleep remedy.

  • Back sleeper - People who are back sleepers should consider cushions that are thin. This helps your head to be in a straight line with your body. Apart from this, also choose the one that has an extra loft.
  • Stomach sleepers - It is wise that you avoid this position. However, if you are one of the stomach sleepers consider a cushion that is completely flat. You can even consider not having a neck and head support, instead tuck it under the stomach. This helps in getting rid of the lower back pain.
  • Side sleeper - If you are a side sleeper it is wise to consider a pillow that is firm. This further helps in filling the distance between the outside shoulder and ear.

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