Anti Aging Skin Care Sins You Are Committing Every Day

The word ‘sins’ might have sent some shivers down your spine. Though our intention wasn’t so, but if it has, then its good for you. In this article we will be talking about the various things that you may have been doing, but are not good for you.

Take a look below for your sinful habits you need to leave today

1. Rigorous Cleansing

Rigorous Cleansing

We must not cleanse our skin to an extent that it feels stretched. This happens when you use a wrong cleanser for your skin type. This practice drains oil out of your skin, making it dry. Keeping up with this, even dermatologists opine cleansing no more than twice a day and with the right cleanser that suits one’s skin type. Then moisturizing it with the right one immediately after the shower when the skin is still damp makes your skin soft and supple.

2. Sunglasses


Well, we all know that sunglasses protect our eye skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well as bars you from squinting, a practice that can make your eyes develop lines around them. But there is one more thing that we miss out quite often. It is the hygiene. How many times do we clean the glasses before wearing. The unclean ones can lead to breakouts. So every time you wear them, clean them with antibacterial wipes.

3. A Lot Of Products

lots of skincare products

It’s human nature to get lured by the variety of products we see on the shelves of cosmetic stores and their promises. But that doesn’t guarantee a healthy skin. It can be bad for the skin. Hence it is often recommended to undergo a patch test before proceeding. Also applying one cream after another will make skin cells confused. A simple skincare regime is the best practice.

4. Smoothies


They have become a fad. People have taken to this like crazy without checking the credentials. Smoothies contain sugar and sugar is not good for the skin. It can cause breakouts and make it age faster. It is no anti-aging food. So for the best anti aging skin care, leave sugar and other white colored food ingredients like white flour, salt, etc.

5. Waxing A Lot

Waxing a lot

Waxing is an easy practice to get rid of those unwanted hair. What adds to its popularity is its ability to avert the hair growth for a longer period as compared to other hair removal techniques. But when you indulge in it too often, you are stripping your skin of the natural oils it has. Your skin will experience more red bumps. So one must undergo this when there is proper growth and the skin has revived completely. It will also help your skin, prevent sagging.

6. AC


Your air conditioner may be keeping you cool in the warm months, but it is also silently aging your skin. How? Remaining in an AC room for a long time can turn your skin dry. It doesn’t mean you should skip AC, but you can make necessary arrangements for keeping your skin hydrated and avert skin dryness.

In this article, I have discussed abou anti aging skin care sins that you making in our daily life without realising their bad effects for your skin. All these habits can ruin your beautiful skin, if not then stopped now.

Do you know about any other sin that we may have skipped, please share with us


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