9 Bad Habits that Quickly Damage Your Hair

You might experience hair related problems because of your genes or health disorders. But besides them, there are various habits that you might be experiencing on a daily basis, and hence, causing a severe damage to your hair.

Want to know these bad habits? Then here we have listed them for you!

  • Unhealthy, Poor Diet

healthy diet

An unhealthy, poor diet can pose major risks to your hairs health. It is essential to consume a balanced, nutritious diet, not just for your healthy skin, but also for beautiful and strong hair. Consuming foods rich in proteins, vitamin E, iron, copper, and zinc, are essential to maintaining the health of your hair.

If you are among those who rely on junk food, then you must stop consuming it at once, or at least restrict its consumption. Consuming unhealthy food can result in a nutritional deficiency, thinning and brittleness of hair.

  • More Stress Means More Hair Fall

Already numerous studies and researchers have proved that high-stress levels are not good for the overall body health. Increased stress levels can result in various disorders within the body, with one major being the hair fall and damage problem.

Make sure you practice de-stress exercises such as meditation, deep breathing, playing any sports, yoga, aerobics, and anything else that you prefer.

  • Swimming Regularly in Chlorinated Water


Chlorinated water can cause a severe damage to your natural hair. Chlorine deposits on hair surfaces and makes it sticky and prone to damages. It is therefore imperative to practice swimming in clean water only.

Also, you can protect your hair from chlorine water by wearing a swimming cap. Furthermore, always shampoo and condition your hair after swimming to ensure that they don’t dry or become sticky.

  • Adorning Tight Hairstyles

Tight ponytails, buns, knots, or buns may actually appear you neat and tidy, but they are not good for your hair roots. According to a research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, scientists have identified that tight hairstyles can damage the root and scalp. Even it can result in hair loss or traction alopecia.

So, make sure you always wear a loose hairstyle. Also, don’t wear one hairstyle every day as this is not good for the hair health.

  • Excessive Use of Hair Styling Products

Hairdryers, straightening machines, or curling tools, all these can make you look beautiful but are actually not good for your hair. When you use a hot hair styling product, then it washes away the natural moisturizer and makes your hair look dull and brittle.

Over time, these styling products can damage your hair. Hence, try to use less hair styling products as possible. Moreover, it is better to get your hair styled done by professionals so that you don’t end up damaging your hair.

  • Brushing or Combing Wet Hair


Wet hairs are fragile and more prone to breakage. It is suggested to comb your hair before washing to avoid any tangles. Also, after washing hair, you must cover them for few minutes with a soft towel.

Allow your hair to air dry as using hair drying tools is not good for the hair and the scalp. Another common habit that can damage your hair is sleeping with wet hair. This habit can make your hair frizzy due to friction between hair and the pillow cover.

  • Applying Chemical-Based Products

There are various shampoos and conditioners available on the market that contains high contents of chemicals such as ammonia and DHT or Dihydro-testosterone. Even there are hair dyes available that contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that can cause hair thinning.

Applying such products to your hair can damage them and even result in irritation of your scalp. Therefore, you must avoid washing your hair with harsh chemical-based products. You must always use organic and herbal products that are prepared with natural ingredients as they are good for your hair and will help to enhance their health and appearance.

  • Excessive Washing of Your Hair

You must love washing your hair as it feels really clean and fresh. But excessive washing tends to wash off all the natural moisturizers from the hair. If you wash your hair daily for few months then it will make your hair dry and result in breakage.

Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is more than enough. If you experience lots of sweating, then you can wash your hair in every two days. Also, it is important to use the correct shampoo according to your hair type and texture to maintain a proper moisture level.

  • Using Hot Water to Wash Hair

A hot shower bath is relaxing for the body but not good for the hair. Heat from hot water can strip away the natural oil from your hair. Even it can make your hair look brittle and dry.

Rather than hot water, it is a wise way to use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Even the lukewarm water must be used not more than 15 minutes. Always take the last rinse with cold water as this will help keep the moisture locked in the hair. Even this is an excellent way to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

Adopting some simple, healthy habits can help you keep your hair healthy, damage free, soft, and smooth. So, follow good habits to maintain hair for a month and see the difference yourself!

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