5 Ways to Reduce Unwanted Facial Hair Growth

Facial-Hair-GrowthUnwanted facial hair can be a bit of an embarrassing issue for those who suffer with it so knowing how to reduce the growth can be a key way to dealing with the problem. There are many natural remedies which claim to work, and may indeed work for some people, but if you want 5 undisputed ways to reduce your unwanted facial hair growth then read on:

Pulling Out the Hair

This is perhaps one of the most well known and common ways to remove unwanted facial hair. It is quick and easy to do at home and is fairly painless; however it generally only works for those who don't have that much hair to remove. A great choice if you want to tidy up stray eyebrow hairs or remove one or two unwanted dark hairs on your chin but it can be time consuming depending on how many hairs you want to remove and there is an added risk of ingrown hairs (if you don't pluck the hair correctly) as well as hair regrowth in 3 to 8 weeks.

If you do decide to try this method yourself then using tweezers is the best way to pull out the unwanted hairs; remember to sterilise the ends before you begin to avoid the risk of infection. Grasp the hair near the root and then firmly pull.

For larger areas of hair you could try pulling the hair out by using wax. A warm wax is applied to the skin, and then using either material or paper, you place this over the wax and pull; the hair is pulled out by the root and therefore removed. This process can either be done at home or by a professional but it is worth bearing in mind that this can irritate the skin, particularly if you are known for having sensitive skin. Hair regrowth will also occur.

Face Mask/Facial Treatments

This is a relatively straightforward option which can be carried out in the home or by a trained professional. The right kind of facial treatment can be applied to the skin and then when removed, it takes the hair with it. Using this kind of treatment can also be very good for the skin and can leave it rehydrated and refreshed as well as hair free, A great benefit of using a face mask or scrub to remove unwanted facial hair is that it can be a way to remove the hair without having to make use of chemicals which can sometimes be harsh on the skin and can lead to dryness or damage. You should always speak to a professional before attempting any kind of home remedy hair removal to avoid this happening and leaving you with hair-free but damaged skin.


This is a process which should only be carried out by professionals in a professional setting such as a registered beauty salon or spa. A small needle passes an electronic current through each hair into the root, permanently destroying it. Each hair has to be done individually and so it is only best for small areas of hair removal, such as above the lip as it can be a time consuming and lengthy process. It generally works better on white or blonde hair rather than darker hair and you will usually be required to go for a number of treatment sessions until the hair has been completely destroyed and permanently removed.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a very effective way of permanently removed unwanted facial hair growth; the laser gives off beams of heat which permeate through to the root of the hair and stop the hair growing. The downside to laser treatment is that the process is prolonged; in some cases it can last almost a year and will involve repeated sessions throughout that time. It is also the most expensive method of permanent hair removal. However, the end result will be worth it as the unwanted hair will no longer be an issue; it will also work out at the cheapest option when considered against regular hair removal treatments such as waxing and threading over a lifetime. There are mixed opinions on how painful laser hair treatment is, so it is always worth speaking to a professional if this is something you are considering.

Other Home Remedies

If Electrolysis and Laser Treatments aren't for you and you want to try a more natural method then there are plenty of different options for you to try alongside the likes of face masks and plucking the hairs. Some people believe that drinking spearmint tea can help reduce facial hair growth, whilst others champion various herbal remedies. There are also a number of creams and hair inhibitors you can obtain from dermatologists if you want to explore all avenues before resorting to professional treatments. As with all home remedies, always speak to your GP if you are worried before beginning any treatment process as they will be able to offer you a whole wealth of advice and options and may even be able to refer you on to a skin specialist who can tailor a treatment plan to your specific requirements. Unwanted facial hair is not something to be embarrassed about and the important thing to remember is that many, many people suffer of unwanted facial hair growth and you are not alone in wanting to find a solution. You just need to find the right one for you.

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