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How You Can Improve Camera Phone Photography?

Camera Phone PhotographyNow, everybody carries a smartphone and all these phones are equipped with camera. It is widely accepted that advanced digital camera is ideal for the professional photographers and is necessary to capture beautiful photographs. However, that is not true. Even the professionals sometime use their smartphone to catch a moment of beauty, if they are not carrying their camera.

It is a great advantage that your phone is there with you always. So, whenever you come across something worthy to frame, you cannot let go off the moment just for the reason you are not carrying the camera. Freeze it in your phone camera. If you are little attentive even your camera phone can take wonderful photographs. Here are a few tips to make your phone photography even better.

Hold the phone steady while taking photos

For a great photograph, you need to hold the camera phone properly. The same philosophy works for any camera. Patiently hold the phone until it completely process the photograph. Look in your phone whether it has got any image stabilization feature. If it has the option, put it on to prevent blurry shots.

Keep the optical parts of the phone always clean

Always take good care of the camera equipment. You need to protect it from dusts and scratches. Finger prints on the lens are one of the most common problem. It makes the photos less sharp and blurry. You need to periodically clean it with a soft cloth.

Give attention on lights

The object you are trying to shoot must be well-lit and proper. Different sources of light will have different effect on your picture. Some cameras have a flash or assisting light that can improve the picture significantly. If your phone does not have the flash light, avoid taking picture when the light is poor. It will affect the quality of the picture. Direct and harsh sunlight may also not be good for your photos. It can make your subject less attractive.

Use maximum resolution of your camera phone while clicking photos

Image quality will be great, if the resolution is higher. It will help to capture good details of the photograph. There are some camera phones that will enable you to select a particular resolution of the photograph. Read the manual for making necessary adjustments.

Change the perspective

Normally, all the pictures are taken in the eye level. Changing the perspective a little bit can give your shots a completely new look. Play with the angles and see the differences in the picture it introduce.

Experiment with the settings of the camera phone

Modern cameras are equipped with several features. You may find functions like white balance, metering modes, panorama, exposure compensation, smile shots, and others. Experiment with the settings and get used to the functionalities.

White balance is used to adjust the colors. So, develop a proper understanding about how you can improve the colors in your photograph. The functions in different models operate differently. Therefore, go through the instructions before using the features.

Use optical zoom

Digital zoom reduces picture quality to certain extent. So, it is always better to use optical zoom instead.

Follow the rules of composition

There are certain rule of space, rule of thirds and odds. Read them and apply as and when necessary. You will not understand how effective these rules of composition in practice are, until you apply them in different scenarios.

Maintain a distance between you and the subject

When you are using a camera phone avoid keeping large distance between you and the subject. As you go farther from the subject it will appear smaller on the picture. If you do not maintain a proper distance, there will be too much clutter in the photograph.

There are several photo apps available in the market. Some of them are also free. These apps will help to edit the image and share instantly in social media networks. There is scope for endless creativity while you are trying to take photos with the camera phone. You will achieve perfection with practice and desire.

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