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Tricks for an Amazing Creative Photographer

Creative photography is the buzz of the day. No matter how mundane a subject appears, it's important to make it interesting. And that's what creative photography does.

So, can you just take any stuff, click its photo and make it look amazing?

It's not that easy. You need to know some amazing tips and tricks of creative photography for that. Here's a quick look at some of them.

High-speed Photography is Amazing


Take a balloon. Fill it up with water and sparklers. Burst it. While bursting it, click an image of the balloon. Isn't giving any amazing appearance? Just try it with an extremely high shutter speed. It will help you click the image for every microsecond, thus helping you capture the movement of the sparklers from inside the balloon. This high-speed photography is growing more and more popular with every passing day.

Smoke Photography is Fun

Smoke PhotographySmokes might not catch your eyes under ordinary circumstances. But try catching them through your lens and they will be one of the best elements you can have in your picture. Use different types of lights to give a special look to the smoke. Once you have clicked it, you can also edit the smoke to change its color. It's not extremely difficult to click pictures of smoke. But you need to know the tips for smoke photography for that.

Catch Panoramic Views


Wide angles can look amazing when you are clicking some landscape photography. But you can add a bit of trick to it as well. Click a panorama photograph with extended wide angle. And if possible, you can add a number of panorama photographs. It will help you create a 360 degree panorama of the landscape. And if you can do that, you will be able to make even the most mundane landscape photographs extremely interesting for the viewers.

Try Slow Sync Photography


Ever heard of the trick called slow sync photography? Use your camera at an extremely slow shutter speed. It's not an easy task to do, especially if you are planning to click the image for a long time. So, ensure that you have a tripod to keep the pictures proper. It will also help you to click pictures with longer shutter speed. This process can be great to click the pictures of the motion of the stars in night sky or the movement of the clouds and so on.

Some of these clicks can be great to make your pictures interesting, even if the subject is an overused one.

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