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Investing in a Sign Franchise – Why It’s Worth It

woman-wonderingEntrepreneurs who are searching for a new business opportunity that will give them space to exercise their creativity without exposing them to unnecessary risks or shaky investment strategies should consider opening a sign or other printing franchise.

“But,” one might ask, “with so many options available, why should I choose a printing franchise?”

The answer is manyfold, but it can be conveniently broken down into two parts: why you should invest in the modern printing/sign industry and why you should go the franchising route as opposed to a from-scratch start up.

Investing in something as great as the sign industry is well worth it, especially because the industry only continues to grow year after year. Below, we offer six reasons that investing in a printing/sign franchise is worth it:

Why Invest in the Printing/Sign Industry?

The first three reasons that answer this question concern the great opportunities that exist in the modern printing industry. They are as follows:

1. A Burgeoning Market: The global printing market was $825 billion strong in 2015, and the sign market alone accounts for some $50 billion annually. Growth is expected to be a steady 2% per year up till at least 2020, and new digital print technologies and emerging economies in developing countries are expanding the market. The growth of this industry is exponential and is only projected to grow even more in the coming years.

2. Widespread, Continual Demand: Signs, banners, trade show props, brochures, flyers, color wrap film, business cards, and an endless array of other printed items are used by today’s businesses. The demand extends to every business type and is year-round, with grand openings, sales, and other special events requiring extra attention.

3. The Benefits of a B2B Focus: While printing and signs are ordered by individuals as well, the bulk of your orders will likely be on a business-to-business basis. This means a more steady and loyal customer base, high-volume, recurring orders, lower advertising costs per new client, and easier expansion into new regions (since many businesses have operations that are national/international). It also means the chance for high growth via referrals, since this is how many businesses find their new print company.

Why Choose to Open a Franchise?

Given that it makes sense to enter the print industry in today’s economy, why do it through franchising versus opening up your own business from the ground up? Our second three reasons for opening a printing franchise address that question:

4. Franchising is More Affordable: The costs of not only securing adequate facilities but also of the printing equipment and software can be quite high, but print franchises often finance over 50% of your initial investment. Additionally, they give you ongoing help with marketing and access to high-volume purchasing discounts. A printing franchise is almost always more affordable to open than the corresponding start up.

5. Franchising is a “Turnkey” Package: Franchises come with ready-made, already-proven business models, ongoing support networks, and connections with other franchise owners for timely advice. With so much already taken care of, you can focus on customer service, customer acquisition and retention, and managerial excellence.

6. Franchising Gives You Brand Recognition: Instead of waiting years to build up your own brand awareness levels, franchisees walk into an already widely respected and sought-after brand name. A large, loyal customer base already exis
ts that wants to buy your products/services, and you just need to “tap into it.”

Consider Investing in a Sign Franchise

Printing and sign franchises are one of the business investments with the most inherent potential in the modern economy, and entrepreneurs do well to make them a top consideration when looking for their next business venture. There are so many benefits to opening sign franchise versus trying to gain traction with your own sign business by starting from the grown up. If you’re looking for a great opportunity that will both fill your dreams of entrepreneurism and allow you to be a part of a lucrative industry, then investing in a sign franchise is a great option for you.


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