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Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

cleaning-washing-cleanup-the-ilo-48889Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs make successful advent in the cleaning industry and turn it into a bigger venture in the coming few years. Most of them start on their own while the remaining ones open a franchise, which is also a great way to establish a business without bearing any risk.

No matter which path you choose, there are certain requisites you cannot ignore. Here’s what all you need to kickstart your cleaning venture.

Cleaning professionals you can trust

Even if it’s a cleaning company, you are going to need a team that should work hard to achieve your organisational goals and treat clients with professional courtesy. A company is moved by its workforce and it’s a no-brainer why you need honest, reliable and skilled cleaners to keep your business going. It is advised to never rush the recruitment process, lest you will hire wrong employees only to repent later. If you are thinking of starting your own cleaning venture, it is most likely that you are a certified cleaning expert and have considerable experience working under someone else. If that is the case, you can hire inexperienced workers at lower salaries and train them for a month or two to get desired productivity eventually.

Business Licence

It might take a few errands to and from your local administration office and eat away at your time, but getting a DBA or vendor’s licence is really important for you to start a business. The process requires you to register your business by paying a nominal fee. Meanwhile, you should also think of a catchy, unique name for your new business before applying for the licence. Once you get the licence, you will be entitled to collect sales tax from your clients and conduct cleanings around homes and offices alike.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

With the right tools and expertise up your sleeves, you can assure your customers of the highest level of service, minimum turnaround time and great results. Cleaning supplies include mop buckets, brushes, squeegees, feather duster, detergents and cleaning solutions, rags and trash bags to name a few. You must maintain sufficient cleaning supplies in your inventory so as to accommodate last-minute cleaning requests.

Besides cleaning supplies, you will want to invest in cleaning equipment to make the job faster and easier. For indoor cleaning tasks, you should invest in a carpet cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, and a floor scrubber. For outdoor cleaning, on the other hand, you must start looking for high pressure water cleaners for sale to save time and hassles. Based on your individual preference, you may choose between electric and gas powered pressure cleaners.


Now that you have all the requisites in place, it’s time to advertise your company so as to reach more and more potential customers. Your target area will be housing societies and commercial zones in your close vicinity. The best way to reach your prospects effectively would be to hand out flyers, tacking posters and list yourself in online directories. Further, seeking referrals from your clients or offering discount on first clean could be another way to get more business opportunities.

Ride the wave of technology

If your business caters for homes and businesses across the city and its suburbs, it would be a great idea to build a professional website to present yourself as a reliable company that offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, or anything else that you feel best describes your cleaning business.


As exciting as it can get, starting a new business is accompanied by several challenges which might shove you in the darkness of failure. Do not let any kind of failure deter you from making this world a cleaner, healthier place for everyone out there.

All the best!

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