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Importance of Language Interpreters in Conferences and Seminars

interpreterThere are many different sorts of language interpreters who can complete the translation and interpretation process using various methods. The language translation and interpretation industry has been described in recent years using the terms "Globalization", "Internationalization", "Localization" and "Translation" which has led to the spread of the acronym GILT. The existence of more than 6,900 official ‘living' languages in the globe means that the GILT industry is an ever-expanding industry with unlimited possibilities. Professional interpreters are hired for various purposes, including seminars and conferences.

Career Specialization

Conference interpreters are a special group of interpreters who have received sufficient skill and training to interpret the language of a large group of people debating or discussing a topic during the course of a conference. Conference interpreters happen to be, without a doubt, the most specialized and technically gifted among the different kinds of interpreters. Conference interpreters are usually employed at key conferences on an international level along with crucial organizations such as the EU (European Union) or the U.N. The role of a conference interpreter gained more prominence in the world due to the stunning portrayal of Nicole Kidman as Silvia Broome in her 2005 movie, "The Interpreter".

Method of Interpretation

Conference interpreters do not follow the normal method of interpretation. Instead, these specialists mostly listen to what is being said via headphones. They need to pay close attention to each and every word spoken by the participants in a discussion. At the same time, they must translate the speech while listening to it for the benefit of others through a microphone. Not only is this type of interpreting extremely exhausting on a mental level but it also takes a lot of effort and concentration. Therefore, it is not uncommon to witness conference interpreters working in pairs. This helps reduce the burden on them both and ensures that the translation of the words is fast and accurate.

Demand for Interpreters in Conference and Seminars

Language happens to be rather imprecise, and the average individual often has a tendency to omit, embellish or alter the words of another person. Thus, it is not surprising to realize that the capacity to communicate in a clear and precise manner is not as common as believed to be usually, especially in terms of conveying or explaining difficult concepts or specialized or technical terms in a language. If the interpreter is not aware of his/ her own skill, he/ she might feel the need to make a display of them. They might view it as a momentous opportunity to carry out something exciting, different and important. But it is not worth risking a vital business or legal communications during a conference for the sake of incidental savings. Thus, the only way to sort these problems is to hire a professional interpreter who possesses a suitable degree of confidence and has the necessary experience and training to handle seminar and conference situations.

Industry Standards

The best conference interpreters in the world follow a distinct method of interpretation. The meaning as well as the wording of what is spoken by the participants of the conference table must be followed as attentively as linguistically possible. It is possible that during a seminar not every member will speak in turn and sometimes, opposing ideals might express themselves in the form of heated debates. In such instances, it is the job of the conference interpreter to listen to each and every word in a focused manner and perform the translation of the words as quickly as possible without misinterpreting them. The conference translators do not add or omit any part of the speech without necessity. They possess a mastery or at least familiarization with, the vocabulary in order to complete the task in a reliable manner. Some conference interpreters find great success as they have the capacity to interpret simultaneously or consecutively as is necessary. Interpreters who are employed for seminars and conferences must follow professionally appropriate timeliness. They must showcase good manners, a humble demeanour and dress according to the standard.

Every conference translator needs to bear in mind that mistranslating a particular word or phrase in the language may become offensive, and some of the literal translations are not always suitable.

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