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Google Services for Small Business

google-apps-for-businessAlmost everyone around the world knows Google as the number one search engine, but Google is more than a search engine. It offers more products and almost all of them are free or some require a very small fee. I don't think there is someone out there who doesn't like Google. Any individual, an organization, a company or a business can't argue the importance and usefulness of Google. Google can provide tremendous value and the essential tools that any business can use, especially for start ups and small enterprises.

A new and starting business will think twice having to pay dozens of services and programs that can affect the cash flow during the critical periods in the business. Many businesses do not know that they’re free and inexpensive products and services that they can take advantage online that can enhance an greatly improve how to market products, organize the flow of the workload and operate the business efficiently. Why is it important?

  • The products are free and some may require a very small fee every year. For example AdWords, it is a very useful tool and very cost effective
  • Google tools are very easy to use
  • It offers tremendous value to any small business
  • The products are reliable because Google is a trusted name ever since.

Here are some Google products small businesses can use to enhance their productivity and put more mileage on their products and services.

1. Google AdWords. This service is the leading provider of PPC ( pay per click) advertising and marketing on the internet. As a business boss or owner, you can specific ads that target people in your local area. The placements in AdWords are the list you see on the upper right hand of the Google search results. Whenever people use Google and get results, the ads that are related to the topic or keyword are shown together with the natural result lists. It can drive people over the business website and take interest on the product and services.

2. Google Analytics. This tool is a powerful web metric tool that can give a great range and in depth information who's visiting the site and what they do after accessing the website. This is a free service and can give a business information that can be used to make marketing strategies for the products and services.

3. Google Places. This is another free product that allows a business or enterprise to set up and build a simple but effective business website. Since this is a Google product, it will get a special place at the top of the search ranking whenever someone searches for a local business.

4. Google Apps. It is a suite of services that Google offers to businesses that can be used to create a central web based platform to help in managing the business. A free edition can give up to ten accounts.

The apps include:

  • Gmail. A custom email address will be assigned using the Gmail platform. All Google apps will be integrated and built around with the business email.
  • Google Docs. This is a web based suite similar to MS Office. Creating documents, presentations and drawings can be done with this tool. Editing documents, sharing files and collaborating with fellow employees can be done online and in real time.
  • Google Calendar. One of the best calendar application available. You can create calendar events from emails, create events and share availability with others.
  • Google Sites. This is an easy to use web creator that can be used as an intranet for the company or business.
  • Marketplace. This tool allows the business to integrate third party products into the business Google Apps account. Productivity tools and marketing tools can be used an accessed on the marketplace.

Knowing and using these tools can make a difference. Traditional marketing and selling is not enough nowadays. Visibility over the internet as an added strategy will surely give the business more returns in the long run. Click here, to read more about business tips and financing pointers.

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