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Sales Tactics for Small Business Owners

One of the ever present issue for almost any business owner is how to increase the sale of his or her product. There are various tactics that people implemented over the course of time, however the market is constantly shifting, thus it is impossible to use old strategies nowadays.

In the past, almost everything that appeared on the market seemed groundbreaking and revolutionizing. In other words, simply displaying the product on a billboard was enough to incite excitement and customer engagement. It is a different story today, consumers are not gullible, and you need to give them a reason to trust you, to choose you as a provider instead of your competitors. Here are a few suggestions that can help you with that struggle.


Sale experience not only your product

As mentioned, in order to sell something, you need to impress your consumers, or simply give them a good reason to opt for you instead of your rival business owners. Motivating your customers is not that hard, however, it is expensive and thus it can be even risky from time to time. People usually introduce some sort of prize winning for devoted shoppers, but this is not as simple as it sounds.

People are motivated by a prize because they start fantasizing about the item in question, and how convenient it would be if they simply get it as a reward. Meaning, the nature of your prize should be compatible with the nature of your target audience. If you sell video games, and offer a prize in form of travel arrangement for the most devoted customer, then you completely missed the point. People who play video games all day are not usually thrilled by the idea of going far away without access to their consoles. A fitting prize in this case should be a new joypad, or a gamer's keyboard.

Make your website more engaging

As we all know the market has shifted over the past decade, so now, many people shop online rather than visiting a physical store. Therefore, you should view your website as an additional store and seriously invest in it. The easiest way to do this is by designing your website using WordPress. You can easily find various plugins, like WooCommerce, to make the whole sale process more engaging. If you want to make a good eCommerce site, definitely consider using WooCommerce help, to do this accurately.

Another important aspect of web design is SEO marketing (search engine optimization). As long as your website is well optimized, constantly updated, and mobile friendly, its authority will grow, thus it will rank higher in Google's search bar. For this purpose, it is highly advisable that you add a blog section to your website, since it will make the whole SEO procedure much more efficient.


Increase brand authority

In addition to increasing your site's authority, you need to work on increasing your brand's authority in general. The best way to do this is to create a healthy level of hype every once in a while. A currently effective method to do this is by using promo gifts, and make a big event about it somewhere at city square.

Promotional gifts are usually something that's easily manufactured and distributed, but at the same time has a certain level of utility. Go with mugs, umbrellas, or USB flash drives, however you should also make sure to give your regular customers something more valuable. This way, you secure their loyalty and create a dose of positive publicity.

Motivate your employees

Finally, focus your efforts on your workers-after all, they are the ones selling the products, so you need to motivate them to become more productive. Make sure the working atmosphere is healthy, thus your employees won't feel stressed out simply by coming to work each day.

A great way to motivate your staff is by giving them a chance to increase their monthly income, and you can do this even without losing resources yourself. Simply state that if a worker manages to sell extra products during the course of one month, he or she is entitled to 20-25% of this extra profit. It is a great solution considering that everybody wins in this scenario.

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