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Critical Analytics for Your Small Business

Business Analytics-1Small businesses can reap major benefits from taking advantage of web data and analytics, but many companies are intimidated by the prospect. Although most companies are aware of Google Analytics, there are more powerful tools that work in line with social networking sites and other parts of the digital sphere. Below is a look at four amazing tools that every small business should look into for better analytics.

1. WolframAlpha’s Facebook Reports

It can be really difficult to dig in and analyze business activity on Facebook, but this tool can make the task much easier. Companies can learn about customer interactions, identify the most active participants and generate graphical representations of the data to make the situation easier to assimilate. Amazingly, the basic version of the program is free, and $4.99 is all that’s required for the professional version.

2. Google Analytics Application Gallery

This app is perfect for companies that only need analytics. The Application Gallery brings in new features created by third-party developers to expand the usefulness of Google Analytics itself. Hub’scan and GA Data Grabber are just a couple of the tools available here. All in all, the gallery is an excellent resource for companies that prefer to take the high road to analytical freedom. It’s simple to use and very intuitive, so you won’t need years of experience before you understand how to use it successfully.

3. Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Companies that want to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and pave the way for improvement should invest in customer satisfaction analysis. A company that specializes in customer feedback management can handle the entire process, from defining survey goals to designing and implementing strategies and, finally, interpreting results. The harvested data enables faster and more accurate optimization of business practices and sales campaigns.

4. Newtek Advantage

This operating platform from Newtek brings live website stats to managers on their mobile devices. At the same time, managers can view real-time information about credit card payments to enable more accurate management of finances and customer interaction. Continual feedback simplifies the process of optimizing a website to meet the needs of its users. Loads of information is relayed, including operating system statistics, pageviews, repeat and unique visits and more. Even with all of these features, Advantage is actually free to clients of Newtek.

The above analytic services can propel a business towards success by amplifying its web presence in all the ways that matter. Small business owners who are inundated with day-to-day tasks can save an incredible amount of time and money and grow more quickly using these analytics.

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