The Ultimate Couponing Guide: Where to Find Coupons and their Advantages

Coupons present lots of opportunities for frugal people to save money when shopping at the grocery store or when going to the restaurant. Each business owner tries to use coupons as main tool for bringing more business and this seems to be pretty successful strategy.

Most people overlook coupons for many reasons and the most common one among them is that they don't really know how to take advantage of them. With this guide you will learn the 2 most important things to get you started with couponing and save you lots of money

Where to find coupons?

The first most important thing to learn is where you can find coupons about latest info on product promotions and deals. Here are the most common places to look for coupons:

  • Newspapers & magazines - many newspapers and magazines publish coupons and promotions on weekly basis, so this is your first stop in the search for coupons.
  • At local stores - a great place to look for coupons is at the actual store. Most of the time you will find these hanging on shelves or on particular products. Sometimes, grocery store owners publish discount codes at the back of their receipts and sometimes you can ask for coupons at the register.
  • Online - there are many websites where you can get both online and paper coupons, so the internet might become a real goldmine for valuable deals. However, keep in mind that some stores might refuse your coupon code, so make sure you identify where you can use these.
  • Junk mail - although, it's often overlooked, the junk mail is great source for finding coupons and deals for local stores and restaurants. Before throwing everything away, skim through your mails and see if there aren't any promotional letters or coupon codes hidden there.
  • Manufacturer's websites and products - many manufacturers offer various loyalty programs both on their websites and products. Check the packaging of products, before throwing them away and also subscribe for newsletters at the manufacturer's website.

How to keep everything organized and take full advantage of coupons?

One of the most frustrating thing is to browse through dozens of coupons until you find the right one. To get the best from couponing, you should seriously consider organizing everything in easy to follow manner. This doesn't have to be stressful in any way, here is what you can do:

  • Develop a coupon system - you need to know what coupons you have for which products easily and without having to spend few hours doing it. The easiest way is to organize your coupons by category or by the products they are for. That way you will quickly know what your options are.
  • Find container - since every coupon is for single product, you can end up dealing with dozens, if not hundreds of coupons. You need to provide some store space for these, if you don't want them lost in the process. A coupon binder or a storage container are a perfect start.
  • Use coupons quickly - since coupons are typically valid for some period, you need to use them fast and otherwise they won't really save you any money. You can organize your coupons by expiry dates to keep everything on track.
  • Get rid of expired coupons regularly - expired coupons are useless and they only take space in the container you are using. You need to throw regularly expired coupons and replace them with news to be a successful couponer.

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