Reebok vs. Adidas: Which Brand Shoes is Preferred by the Athletes?

Reebok is an international footwear and apparel company, and it works as a subsidiary of Adidas Group since the year 2005. The company produces and distributes fitness and sports items including shoes, workout clothing, and accessories, besides training equipment.

Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation company, which specializes in designing and manufacturing sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the Europe and literally the second largest in the world.

When it comes to manufacturing top of the class, and functional athletic products, both the brands come in limelight, although Reebok now is a brand name under the Adidas; before the merger, it itself had a very remarkable share in the market. The brands are one now, although both manufacture athletic sportswear under separate brand names.

Both brands are preferred by athletes, however, to understand unique traits of the brands, we first need to understand types of athletic shoes and their features. After that, we will compare both the brands and come to a conclusion about which one is top.


Types of shoes preferred by athletes

Running shoes – Although running and walking shoes look quite like indifferent, they have their unique variety of standalone differences. Traditionally, running shoes offer extra cushioning. They even offer easy flexing at the ball of the foot and enough durable stability. The outsoles should offer traction on dirt and pavement.

Walking shoes – Want a casual shoe for everyday walking? This is where you need walking shoes. They should offer enough cushioning. The flexible soles designed for low impact while walking, thereby allowing the foot to roll easily from feel to toe.

Cross trainers – Cross trainers work as all-purpose shoes – or walking, running and sports and even sometimes for hiking. They can be money saving alternative for people looking to buy specialize shoes. However, if you need flexibility, the standalone shoes are better.

Sports specific shoes – When it comes to athletic sportswear such as shoes; like shoes; sports specific shoes work well. This means you buy basketball specific shoe foot basket etc. golf shoes for golf etc.

What to check out before opting for athletic shoes

  • Check your size
  • Analyze your gait
  • Get a god fit
  • Take a test run
  • Think twice before orthotics

We will explain the points in a different article, the core idea is to understand which type of shoes you require, then comparing the available variety of shoes, take a test, and then compare their features, before buying.
When it comes to buying athletics shoes, the sole, the upper part of the shoe, lacing, style and etc. need to be considered in order to get affordable yet functional types of shoes.

Now, the core topic of the article – Reebok vs. Adidas: Which brand shoes do the athletes prefer?

As we mentioned above, Reebok now works under the Adidas subsidiary, and thus talking about any of the brands is literally talking about one. However; since once both the brands were different, and they still have managed to retain some of their traits; let us compare which one is good for athletes.

Reebok shoes are functional, known for their top most durability and easy to use features. Buying Reebok shoes online can save you time, money and effort since you can compare from thousands of virtual stores online before choosing the one you need. The Reebok shoes come in great variety of design, type, size, and features. Each of their shoes is made using top of the class, highly durable and sophisticated variety of products. Reebok shoes are preferred by those athletes who require using affordable yet highly useful, and functional type of athletic shoes.

On the other side, when it comes to opting for quality, designer, ready to use, and purpose specific shoes for athletes, Adidas wins the race. They have been in the market for a long time and has such a whopping market share that they have managed to get Reebok merged with them. Adidas is known for stability, durability.

The Adidas brand is used by most of the athletes because they are designed using state of the art process, and are very thoughtfully designed. The state of the art technology used, and the nature of products used in manufacturing Adidas shoes make them one of the best in the market.

So, factually both Reebok and Adidas have their unique appeal and quality. The athletes, who buy Reebok, also buy Adidas; so functionally both the brands are preferred athletics activity.

You can buy Reebok shoes for men; Reebok does for women online to save cost.

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