Buyers Guide For Train Horn Kit

Buying accurate train horns can be quite difficult. There are so many producers, e-commerce websites, and sellers offering these products. At the same time, you have to attend to a lot of details before investing in products like train horn kits. So, how do you know which product should be preferred over the other?


Well, for starters, you can look for some key features of horns, like whether or not they are made from finest quality, if they are covered with amazing warranty and if they are indestructible by most things. You should also try to find out products that can endure high-pressure conditions and have musically accurate tuning.

The product should ideally have a specific note and must use authentic locomotive chords. It should have passed inspection standards, should have specific airline and fittings so that they are safer and more secure in terms of usage. The highest quality air valves and air compressors should support these products and no cheap generic alternatives should be used.


Once you have the basic idea of how your train horn kit should be, you can focus on the following:

Size of Air Tank

There are several options for air tanks when it comes to train horns. You can choose air tanks from 2-8 gallons or even more, depending on the producer. A Larger tank means longer blast time. Such horns can be used with other add-ons including the air suspension kits.

Number of horns

Users erroneously believe that larger number of horns will produce better or louder sound. But that's actually not the case. The sound quality of more horns is usually better, but that doesn't mean it should be the only reason why you choose more horns. Actually, you should choose more horns as the sound from two horns would be mundane or monotonous while more horns will have harmonic sound.

Air Compressor

It is a vital part of your train horn kit for your vehicle. Higher PSI means that the product can pump more pressure to your tank, increasing the sound. So, if you want louder sounds, look for products that run on a larger battery and larger air compressor system.

Ease of installation

Buy train horns that have necessary parts available in the kit. This will ensure that you can easily install the product. Use the installation instructions and the guide to assist you through the process. You can also request the sellers to provide you with installation services.

External or internal air tanks

The choice for this largely depends upon the vehicle in which the kit is being installed. Ideally, choose compressors with sealed units to ensure weatherproofing. This way, your product will be functional irrespective of how the air tank is designed.


Of course, different horns make different sounds and some of them are louder than the others. So, you might want to consider these factors before making an investment.

Read this guide before investing in train horns. Some of the common questions about the product are answered in this guide.


If you have any questions, please ask below!