5 Critical Mistakes Retailers Make When Selling Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a boon for retailers but only if they are used properly and with all the right measures. It is rightly said, no matter how good the strategy is, if not executed properly, it is useless. Plan before you implement and plan your implementation. Fortune favors the brave, not the fool. So, take the risk but make it a calculated risk. Below are the five mistakes Retailers make in selling Gift Cards:

Gift Card

1# Using less Attractive or outdated Gift Card layouts

Gift card designs can make as well as break sales, so don’t skimp on them. If the data from the past is to be believed, less investment in Gift card designing is one of the top issues that might affect the performance of your gift card program.

Don’t think on saving a few bucks as it is no expense it is an investment that you are making to make your business more prosperous. Carry many different designs, make them attractive and plan Gift Card designs based on the occasion or the festive season that you are targeting.

2# Not investing in gift card marketing

You cannot expect everyone to know about your Gift Card scheme or cannot expect that your customers will inquire every now and then about the Gift Cards at your counter. Make some efforts, if you don’t have much budget, think of some marketing activities you can do in the store. Some posters, some banners and other such things. Also ask your staff to participate in the marketing strategy, ask them to educate the customers. Try to maintain a database of the contacts of the customers and send them messages. In short, make some efforts to make your Gift Card Strategy work.

3# Avoiding the rules and laws regarding gift cards in your area

Gift card laws vary from one location/state to the other. Regulations in California are different from that of the Gift Card laws in New York. So, make sure you have proper knowledge of the laws in your area. Lack of knowledge can lead to backlash and dissatisfied customers.

4# When your Gift cards are not “gift-ready”

There is a reason they are called Gift Cards, if you don’t make the cards Gift Ready then they will only be the cards and nothing else. So, make sure you make them more attractive and presentable. Prepare an exclusive pouch or a box in which the card will be kept, do something that differentiates your Gift Card and leads to repeated purchases.

5# Waiting till the holidays or busy shopping seasons arrives before you implement gift cards

Holidays and seasonal events are a great time to promote your store. But, don’t forget they are also the most hectic and tedious time of the year. The employees and customers are already soaking a lot of things and amidst of all this chaos, if you come up with Gift Cards, neither your employees nor your customers will be able to take the full advantage of the scheme. Make sure you are prepared prior to the festive season and also make sure it works as per your expectations. Make sure you have an easy and convenient redeemable Gift Card Scheme. Also, make the decision as to how and where you will display your Gift Cards. Also start marketing about the Gift Card arrival and try to get the insights about the customer expectations from your Gift Card scheme.

Thus, if you take care of all these things, there are very fewer chances of not getting the desired response from your Gift Cards. They have worked for many retailers and are always liked and favored by the customers. Since the festive season is just round the corner, start immediately if you have not started it yet. It is already a bit late but still if you work properly, you can try to get the best out of the Gift Cards.


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