Why to Choose Computer Science & Engineering?

Do you wish to pursue B.Tech? Are you sceptical about choosing Computer Science & Engineering as your branch? Well, then below listed are certain points which will completely remove your dubiousness in the matter.

Ever booming IT sector
It is one of the industries which are showing fastest growth in the country as well as all over the world. The employment rate is supposed to increase incessantly in the up coming years. Moreover, the rate of expansion is much more as compare to any other industries.

Copious job opportunities
When the industry is flourishing it is very obvious that the job opportunities will grow with it. Most of the students who study with this branch get jobs in the desired field. In this outsourcing is done extensively, which gives opportunity for many engineers to go abroad and earn big bucks.

Good salary options
If you are doing engineering from one of the top engineering colleges of India like IITs and NIITs then the average package goes for a software engineer is 9,00,000 Rs. While for the ones who are studying in private institutes, the salary package mostly start with 3,00, 000 Rs. (if they are hired by an MNC ). Moreover, to talk about IITs, there are many students who get packages more than a carore too.

Scholarship facility
Government has introduced different kind of scholarship programs for various meritorious and financially weak students although; one may encounter reservations too in this field. Not only government but many private trusts too give scholarships to the needy students.

Job is challenging
The job of a software engineer is challenging. It is much more than sitting in an office and doing work. Everyday is a new challenge which adds up fun and keeps monotony at an arm's length. If you enjoy coding, you will definitely like your branch of computer science and engineering.

Better growth options
With the thriving IT sector, if one is performing extremely well then there are chances that they will soon get promoted. With outburst of various projects a company is getting, the need to handle these also increases. Moreover, technology is the place which will keep on moving forward. No matter they have reached the zenith still it is believed that there is something above it. Thus, this thinking of various companies have benefited in a way to those students who have pursued computer science and engineering. This industry will only stop progressing only when people give up on technology and no further research and discoveries takes place to make it better.

Above factors state that the choosing software engineering as a career is like traveling on a road which will never end. The road is full of good and bad things though! Thus, if you are really into technology and enjoy coding more than anything else in the world then it is the right choice to make!

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