What Are Various Myths Associated With Boarding School

There are different types of boarding schools that are geared towards improving the lives of children. However, some people have a few myths associated with the boarding schools. It is important that we get authentic information about these schools and clear all our doubts and pre-conceived notions about it.

Here in this article, we are going to scrutinize some common type of myths believed by students about attending a boarding school.

Going to a boarding school implies that your parents do not want you at home or love you

This is not true. People who are in boarding school are not abandoned or not loved. It is just that these children may need more improvement that can happen when they stay away from their home. This can bring about complete positive transformation in them.

Staying away from home can bring out discipline in children. Sometimes, parent, out of love fail to correct their children or get carried away by their emotions. Children too at times take their parent’s guidance for granted. However, this is not the case in boarding schools. All children have a schedule to follow, which over the period of time develops into good habits.

Only kids who behave badly go to boarding school

Most of the people think that boarding and reform schools are the same things. However, the truth is that they aren’t. Boarding school for girls or boys is not made for bad or disobedient children. It is a privilege that validates maturity as well as academic aptitude of a person.

It takes a lot of confidence and trust to send a child to spend a few years in a dorm setting before getting into college. These schools help your child stay focus on life goals and achieve them in the right way. They ensure that your child does not develop any bad habits like drugs or alcohol at an early age.

Once your child is out of boarding school, they’ll know what is good for them, and what isn’t. They’ll be more determined to achieve their career goals rather than wasting their time on wrong things.

It is mandatory to wear the uniform in a boarding school

Yes and No. There are only a few schools that need students to wear the uniform. Majority of schools permit students to dress in their own ways. They don’t snatch the identity of the students or change them in any way. The only requirement is that the dress has to be decent.

You can find boarding schools, where you can see new fashion codes from worldwide. Boarding schools are not about changing the way your child is. It is all about improving them and helping them lead a respectable life and perfect lifestyle.

Boarding school are only meant for rich kids

Boarding school is the not the place for only rich children. It serves everyone from different economic backgrounds. Whether you are an average salaried or a rich man, your child can attend boarding school. It is a place where children learn to be equals. No one is rich or poor.

Many of these schools also offer scholarships and several other types of financial assistance that allows them to access to opportunities. This shows that equal opportunity is given to students from various walks of life. These schools do not discriminate students based on their status or class.

Boarding school is similar to a Hogwart

Many people compare the reel life and real life in a boarding school with television shows such as Harry Potter and Zoey 101. The truth is that along with work, a child while on campus is sure to experience loads of fun and enjoyment. Though living in a boarding school would not give you a magical life like Hogwarts, but provide ways to associate with eccentric and cool people, so as to form long-lasting friendships.

Kids grow up very fast in boarding school

It depends on one person to another. Sometimes, when children learn to do things for themselves, they become more responsible and understand the value of time and energy involved in performing the tasks. While some are quick learner, others might be slow and may take time. Not all children are the same.

Children are away from the real world

This is one of the myths that many of the parents believe. children in boarding school are very well made aware of what’s happening outside their school. Not just this, but they are exposed to current events happening around the world. Your child is more informed when in boarding school than at home.


These are some of the common myths that generally restricts people from enrolling their children in a boarding school. These preconceived notions have no truth in it. This discussion will definitely help in providing you a clear image of the school.

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