Step By Step Requirements to Get Ready for Studying Overseas [Infographic]

What you need before you leave?

  • Have your Passport and Visa

The most important thing to visit abroad is your passport and applying for Visa. These two things are the most crucial things that will take you abroad. Be careful while choosing the type of Visa as you must need Study Visa and that is for long term.

  • Meet your Doctor

Visiting your doctor means you are getting tested if you are medically fit for your abroad stay or not. Get the check up done and carry all your documents along with you in case of any emergency overseas.

  • Get your Travel Insurance Done

It is important that you should be healthy and free from any diseases while travelling abroad. Have reliable health and a complete accident insurance policy when you are planning to study abroad so that you are insured for any kind of emergency if you face while travelling like accident.

  • Go and Buy your Ticket

Everything is done but you do not have a ticket yet. How are you going to fly to your dreams then? Go and buy your tickets. Search for a website that will provide your tickets in lowest possible price. Otherwise the plane fairs are really very high.

  • Search Something About The Place You Are Going To Stay

Take out sometime and find out about the most popular destination points where you are planning to stay to make your stay easy. Plan your weekends and enjoy the beauty of the place where you are going to stay.

  • Work on your Language Skills

Know about the common language that people speak there and refresh your skills. Work on your English and try to learn their native language. This will be of great help to you in communicating with the local shopkeepers in the mall there.

  • Money Transfer and Money Exchange

You need to get your money transferred into your account and be sure that the currency is the local currency of the place. You cannot use your own currency in different country provided you two countries have the similar currency.

  • Pack your Bags now!

You are done with almost everything but where are your clothes and necessary stuff that you must need during your stay? Start packing your bags and add all the necessary things that you need in your daily routine into your bags.

  • How will you communicate there?

Ask your cell phone providers if your cell phone will work in the particular state or not? Mostly students rely on their smart phones or laptop for communicating to their family and friends. You can also purchase a local pay-as-you-go cell phone when you reach the place or the other option is buying a SIM card for your phone.


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