What You Should Consider to Write a ‘Kick-Ass’ Essay

fwtegrBefore sitting down to write an essay that will stand out among many, there is always that tense moment. However, the main point to consider before jotting a high-quality essay is that everything should be allowed to flow naturally. Yes, cool essays do not force points or seem to bring many unnecessary points in an effort of glamorizing them. Well, it is only when points are stacked appropriately and the right choice of words used for them, that an essay is well understood and its points easily driven home.

Talking of points-stacking, it means that writing an essay is a process, at least involving: deciding on a captivating topic, settling on a thesis, fetching of points, tailoring the points, and concluding with a final argument or statement.

Considering writing an essay as a process involving these stages can be a turn-a-round for your essay writing experience. But what really goes on in each of those stages that is important for consideration?

1. A Captivating Topic

In any case, writing an essay without a topic is simply impossible for after all, what would the writer be writing about? And again, a writer would not write an essay then decide on a topic later on. This makes selecting a topic before anything else not only essential, but also mandatory. However, selecting a topic is one thing, but selecting a captivating topic a different thing all together. For your information, the topic for this article was also carefully selected among many options. But since the need was to make it stand-out, which is what a captivating topic should be all about. Yet again, it was not forced, as the writer, after trying different samples finally asked himself ‘what should one consider to write a kick-ass essay’ and boom! there it was.

2. A Thesis

A thesis is simply a claim made by the writer and on which the entire essay revolves. It mostly appears in the last sentence of the introduction and its purpose is to create a purpose for the essay. For this essay, the thesis is the claim that an essay involves a process with stages which need to be considered for writing a nice flowing essay. Having made that claim, the writer proceeds to expound on the claim in order to conclude whether the claim is true, credible, or whether it needs further clarification.

3. Fetching Points

Fetching of points involves gathering information and breaking it down to have main issues to talk or write about. However, with essays such as this which is based on years of experience, one can simply brainstorm, that is collecting information from the brain and critically pondering upon it to draw main points.

4. ‘Tailoring’ of Points

The reason I am using a metaphor of tailoring to mean writing, is because understanding writing as the former can be a mind-opener as to what good writing entails. Just like tailoring requires skill and creativity to come up with a unique design, writing also requires such from the writer. Stacking points is not only a matter of inserting points, it demands both skill and creativity, such as that for determining what words to embellish the sentences with, and how to ‘knit’ words to leave your material neat.

5. Concluding

Perhaps you are asking yourself, how is it that this format mentions a conclusion before talking about an introduction. Well, the only person who is wrong here is you. ‘But how?’ you ask. But not to worry, many people have fell to the same mistake – starting their essay with an introduction, then proceeding to writing the essay. Ok, it is possible to do that, but more often than not, that short-cut method lands the writer at a dead-end, especially after trying to pursue a topic that they have not taken time to research or think about. So, concluding comes first, and should be done after stacking up all the points. Concluding basically involves the learning garnered, the final though and a restatement of the thesis and its support or refutation.

6. Introduction

Writing an introduction comes at the very end since is is in the introduction where the writer reveals the outline of the essay, and highlights on some main issues to be covered. Although a thesis is a part of the introduction, it is comes before the introduction, just as shown in this article. For an example of an introduction, check out the introduction for this article, and for a conclusion, check out the following conclusion for this article. Then of course, it is always prudent to consider proof-reading the paper immediately after this step to eliminate all errors.

Considering those stages step-by-step as shown above can indeed be the turning point and the beginning of a good essay writing experience for you. However, if you find this process too difficult for you, you may consider an online essay writer and take the advantages of a professional piece written by experts with a vast experience in the area.

If you have any questions, please ask below!