5 Biggest Disappointments Associated with Unprofessional Essay Writers

writing-assignmentIn UK colleges, universities and other educational institutes, essay writing has always been given vital importance because this is something which helps teachers and professors to determine natural talent, knowledge and skills of a student. Unfortunately, most of the students especially non-native English speakers find it really difficult to produce a high quality essay as per the requirements of their teachers which greatly puts their final grades into danger and to avoid this dangerous situation, they usually hire writers who write or provide relevant material.

Disappointments Associated with Unprofessionalism

You might have often read or listened from students something like "Is there anybody who can write my essay for me? Well, getting professional help is not a bad practice but when you are not given genuine information, this might be even more problematic for you. You can easily find essay writers but if they are not experienced and professional, you will have to face lots of problems including loss of money and lower grades. Some of the biggest disappointments are described below to give you an idea how terrible it can be to make a wrong decision.

1: Plagiarism Issues with Content

The most common problem faced by majority of the students is plagiarism as many of them can't handle with it because they don't exactly know what they should be doing to avoid occurrence of this issue. Therefore, they prefer to spend money to hire professional writers who can write for them but it does not mean they are now completely safe because the risk is still there. Many writers don't take their job seriously or they don't really worry about plagiarism which is resulted into bad grades for the students. Therefore, whenever you hire a writer, make sure he gives 100% plagiarism free guarantee.

2: Non-Native English Writers

There are hundreds of agencies out there which are offering their writing services but here it is important to know that NOT every one of them belongs to UK and in fact, most of them are operating from Asian countries. Though, you don't always need 100% quality content, at least UK writing style should be focused in project completion. Most of the non-native English writers can't differentiate between different formats and styles and if you are instructed by your professor to follow a specific style, you will not be able to follow the instructions.

3: Excessive Word Count with Lower Quality

Another very common problems often experienced by the students is that when they are delivered assignments, the required word count is often fine or excessive but the expected quality of content and specific writing style are missing from the delivered task. Many writers have lots of work to do on everyday basis and sometimes they don't care about the quality but only focus on quantity which spoil the beauty of essay and bring embarrassment for the one who is paying for it.

4: No Time for Review and Revision

Once more common complaint is that the writing material or completed assignment is not delivered in time and even if it is delivered before the deadline, student don't have enough time for revision. Now if he misses the deadline, that's bad or if he submits a badly written essay, that's even worse because once the assignment is submitted, he is on the merci of professors. In my college life, once I happened to ask somebody to do my essay for me but I made sure that he would complete the project well in time so I could have enough time for review and revision.

5: No Customer Support

Once you are delivered the assignment by the writing agency, you will be on your own and will be badly missing effective customer support staff who will have no more concerns with your project at all. There are hundreds of native and non-native agencies working in UK who will be quite friendly before you hire them but once you empty your pocket to pay for their services, you will be surprised to see their friendly customer support is just gone. Therefore, you must make sure to hire those who can help you from the first to the last step.


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