12 Tips on Succeeding in a Telephonic Interview

interview-1371360_960_720While we have observed an increase in the use of Skype or other video based techniques, it would seem that use of telephonic interview is also on the rise. In fact, it is the first stage in any kind of recruitment procedure. It can be wide ranging, starting from brainstorming session to informal chat with the senior executive. Here are a few easy tips that you follow to become successful in this type of innovative interview session.

Get Your Environment Right

Try to prevent conducting interview inside a busy or noisy room or inside your own vehicle. Your house or your office is perfect for giving such interview. Your telephonic interview is interrupted by the questions from colleagues or even due to noise interruption at the cafeteria. Make sure that you devote sufficient amount of time for telephonic interviews and do not just assume that it will only continue for ten minutes! The best option is to make use of proper telephone for receiving such calls. Poor reception on cell phones is another reason why the candidates fail to perform well during the interview. Whether you are using cellphone or landline, you have to be careful that there is hardly any disruption during telephonic session.

Do not take such interview session casually

Make sure that you are well prepared during interview session. Keep a notebook handy. You should take notes and try to focus on the key points and do not give artificial and scripted answers

Take your seat in front of a mirror

It may sound a little odd but it simply indicates how you are actually coming across during interview. Is the head up? Are you smiling? Body language is important since it conveys your confidence and also makes you appear positive. Another option is to stand up and walk around while attending calls over the phone. If you feel more comfortable walking or talking then make sure that you create an ambience to conduct in this manner.

Listen sincerely while asking questions

Most interviewees make the mistake of not listening aptly during interview session. It may disrupt your flow since you may find interviewer stop talking in between. It lead to disjointed as well as awkward conversation.

Ask interviewer to rephrase or repeat the question

Can’t follow the question while interviewing? Request the interviewer to paraphrase or even rephrase it. You must try to prevent doing it repeatedly and it is always better to listen to your question attentively. Most interview preparation courses are available that als

Make use of regular pauses

You must adopt another effective technique. You must leave healthy pauses after two or even three sentences to enable your interviewers listen to your replies without any difficulty.

Be concise while speaking

Decide your own selling points and try to be concise while speaking to the interviewers. Suppose you wish to provide full details you may ask the interviewer, ‘I may go into more depth about that if you want’. Your objective is to market yourself properly, impress the interviewer and get qualified for the second round of interview. You can take help of tutors and know how to present your answers in a better way.

Bring variation in pitch, tone or pace

Unlike face to face conversation, it is quite difficult to show off your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness over telephone. What you can do is to vary your tone or speech. Monotone interview generally annoys an interviewer.

Dress smartly to develop proper attitude during interview

It may sound bizarre but it is true. Though candidates may not have to look smart just like in case of face to face interview, dressing up properly may help them to get into an excellent mind frame. Dress formally and sit behind desk or your stand. Do not just slump at times of interview.

Practice a smart run through of your curriculum vitae

The structure of telephonic interviews may vary but generally all the telephonic interviews follow a standard format. And this standard format depends on the curriculum vitae. For example, if you are asked to mention about career details then you must first know how long the interview would last. Do you get one minute elevator pitch or just have to carry on the conversation for half an hour? Know the details and plan things ahead.

Be polite but do not crack jokes!

Your first impression counts. And the good interviewers would always want to break ice and make the interviewees feel comfortable. Reciprocate and try to avoid being cold. Know your limits and do not try to crack jokes with them. Otherwise, you may damage your reputation.

Ask questions

Like other interview session, you may also get the chance to ask your own questions. If you perform well during the telephonic interview session, then you are in better position to ask questions. Ask insightful and intelligent questions about the company, your job role and other relevant details. It also highlights your sincerity and your willingness to join the organization.

Learn the tips or tricks and perform at your best during telephonic interview session.


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