Reasons You Need to Think and Write Faster and Clearer

A clear and fast thinking is always a great character of a person. It enables you to adapt to situations quickly and find solutions of the problems easily. This helps you in many aspects of life, especially in examinations. In exams along with quick thinking, you need fast, clear and neat handwriting. It enables you to write the exams quickly, therefore, giving you enough time to go through and check your papers and rectify the errors. Also, a neat handwriting provides a good impression on the person correcting the paper and gives a clear picture of what you have written hence chances of any type of correction error is extremely less.


Advantages of faster and clearer writing

  • A good handwriting is a very important skill which everyone should develop. It is the most basic tool used for taking notes, doing homework, taking tests and for various other tasks. Always write in points and bullets. Write points exactly on topic and do not write extra information. Make data tables, graphs, and diagrams. These things will save your time while writing the paper and will also impress the examiner.
  • A good handwriting attracts good marks. This fact plays a very important role while taking a subjective test. When we give a subjective test, a teacher has to go through all the answers written by us thoroughly. This is a very difficult task for the teacher. The teacher will give good marks to those who will impress the teacher. The answers written in good handwriting automatically impresses the teacher. A neat and clean paper with minimum cuttings will get more marks. Bad handwriting is difficult to understand. The teacher will interpret the answer wrong due to the absence of neatness and may lose some marks.
  • It is important for students to focus and work on their handwriting. Gone are the days where you can hide your answers by writing riddles of text and expect the teacher to search from that. Also, it is very important for students to have good speed of writing. Since papers are getting more and more lengthy, having fast writing speeds helps you significantly. It gives you more time to think and work on problems or questions that are difficult. It helps you to complete the paper well in advance and gives you enough time to re-check your paper and rectify if there are any mistakes. Fast writing is extremely essential, especially in mathematics and language papers.
  • Practice writing long essays and time your papers. Write essays and paragraphs in a fixed period of time as it will give you a good practice. Prepare properly and well in advance. Proper preparation means you will be able to solve the questions easily and will be able to complete the paper on time. Writing fast is extremely beneficial not only in exams but in also in your future. Fast writing will help you to prepare assignments and documents easily for your company. With neat and proper handwriting your boss will also be impressed. In exams writing fast means you will finish your paper well in advance. This means you will have sufficient time to correct the mistakes and will be relaxed by the end of the paper.
  • Along with fast and neat writing, you also require quick and efficient thinking. This helps in every situation of the life, especially in exams. For example while solving maths problems along with your fast writing you also need to think very quickly to decide what is the solution of the problem and what is the correct method to solve it amongst the various methods. The faster you think more will be the opportunities in future. It develops important skills like interpreting difficult situations and solving problems very quickly.

The problem of handwriting should be solved during early age of a child. As it grows further the portion and the workload increases and it becomes almost impossible to work on the child’s handwriting. Children should understand of having a good, fast and neat handwriting and they should realize the importance of it. The faster they write in exams, the better grades they will achieve.


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