How to Ease Your Burden of Programming Assignments?

Programming is a process of writing a set of instructions to accomplish a specific computer task. Writing a computer program is very difficult as it requires the programmer to have complete knowledge of the programming language. Students who opt for graduation in computer science are generally given assignments of programming. These assignments are assigned to them to explore their theoretical and practical knowledge. Studying computer science is difficult for students and thus, preparing assignments of the subject becomes much difficult for them. Along with this, they have a pressure of examinations and studies of other subjects too.

6 Issues Faced by Students in Writing Programming Assignments & Their Solutions

1. No Planning

Generally, students don’t have the habit to plan. As there is no prior planning students fail to cover the basics of the assignment. The unplanned assignment leads to undesired results and low grades.

Expert’s Tip

Try to understand the topic on which assignment has to be prepared. Also, try to know more about the problems you will face while getting the results of your programming assignment.

2. Incomplete Knowledge
In college, many students are irregular and skip chapters or topics they feel are simple to comprehend. This is the reason students unknowingly lack complete knowledge about the subject while preparing the assignment.

Expert’s Tip
Being a student, you should understand that the study of computer and its applications are not simple. You don’t only need to focus on your coursebooks but should also refer to other books. You can get free programming books online.

3. Overconfidence
There are students who are really good at academics but are overconfident. They think they know everything and skip the fundamentals of programming. They think that just by reading and learning sample codes, they can get good grades, but that doesn’t happen usually.

Expert’s Tip
Students should always start from the beginning and always study the fundamentals of programming. It’s better to write codes by hand as it is universally proven approach to increase efficiency.

4. Take too Much Stress in Debugging
While coding, students face problems of bugs. And when they have to remove bugs from it, they work hard and get stressed at the end. Ultimately, instead of solving the problem, they lose their confidence.

Expert’s Tip
Students should take a break whenever they can’t debug the code. They need to keep calm and take a different approach to the problem.

5. Lack of Patience
Students want results immediately, but programming needs lots of patience. They need to know that computer programs can’t be built in one go.

Expert’s Tip
You will have to be patient while programming a program. It is a trial and error process in which you need to run the program after a few coding to know whether it will lead to desired task.

6. Hesitate to Ask for Help:
Many students hesitate to ask for help if they get stuck in the middle. They keep on doing it by themselves and waste their time. This leads to late submission of the assignment.

Expert’s Tip
There are many online websites which help students to learn to code a computer program.

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