Choosing the Right Engineering College

Engineering CollegeAs soon as you near the end of school, two important questions your future studies are: which course or stream of engineering to pursue and which engineering college to go for? Both these are quite inter-related questions and are dependent on both your school and entrance test score performances as well.

So, while in school, students must first decide on what subjects they are passionate and strong with, that would help them decide their stream firstly. Then they should further decide the specialization in engineering and what sort of job would that get them, or how they can learn and contribute toward their aspirations and dream career.

Also, to finalize and lucky with both your choice of course and college is another tall task to achieve. Often, students get to choose between a good brand of engineering college versus their favourite stream of engineering. At this juncture again, students, their parents and teachers/guides/coaches must help them look at their long distant goals and how choosing between the both would lead or deviate them for their choice of specialization. Sometimes, students are also advised to drop a year and then go again for their best choice of engineering college and stream.

Now when stuck on deciding how to choose the right engineering college, there's no fixed set of rules to go about it. But below is a list of questions, along with a few noteworthy points that can help you sort your confusion and guide you to a better decision making:

  1. Programme and Course Structure

Understand the semester system, check how a college plans to take forward the planned course and compare them with the other option of colleges you have.

  1. Fees, Admission and Scholarship

This can vary from different university and college of engineering and is another important factor in deciding between close choices as well. Know last date of admission, documents required and amount to be submitted, what are the return policy in case you wish to withdraw your seat and what are the scholarship criterions.

  1. Lecturers

Good lecturers can really contribute towards kick starting the career of students. Read and enquire about them from pass outs.

  1. Infrastructure

Engineering colleges require a lot of laboratory and experimental zone as well, these along with basic infrastructure and up to date system of information and technology etc. are really important.

  1. Foundation, Recognition and Affiliation

Inception of the college, its affiliation with say a UGC etc. always ensures more norms and procedures in the university. A recognized and certified university is any day more legal and trustworthy for your money and future of your children.

  1. Culture and Approach

Study and regular conduct is all approach based. Most colleges are strict on attendants, but at the same time appreciate a lot of cross college and cross stream interaction in term of cultural and education activities.

  1. Campus Placement

This is another area that sooner or later worries the students and their families. A college that invites companies for on campus recruitment and has a god record of alumni settled in renowned names and a good job is any day better.

Other few points of consideration when finalizing an engineering college is checking with things at a personal front in terms of how close if your college from home, it becomes quite a point of consideration for a lot of parents and students. How are the hostel facilities and other stay amenities, especially for girls parents want to be double sure of their safety. If there's a known relative in the city of your choice of engineering college, this too becomes in terms of support in case the hometown of the student is far away.

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