Best Plagiarism Detection Tools for College Professors and Teachers

6 of the Best Plagiarism Detection Tools for College Professors And Teachers

Plagiarism is definitely an unacceptable academic behavior. The best solution, of course, is to prevent plagiarism from occurring in the first place but sometimes it just becomes too difficult to detect. Don’t worry; modern technology can help you out as far as the detection of plagiarism is concerned.

Now, in this article, we have discussed 6 of the best online plagiarism detection tools that you can use for college project assessments. Have a look.

1. Dupli Checker

This definitely qualifies as one of the best (and FREE) plagiarism detection tools on the internet. Unlike the others, Dupli Checker doesn’t really have an attractive user interface. Nonetheless, it gets the job done for sure.


  • Dupli Checker comes for free. Get on the site, upload your document, and that’s it.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • You may either copy and paste your text in the designated box or upload the doc file from your computer/laptop for plagiarism detection.
  • If you are a registered user, you will be allowed to do fifty free plagiarism checks in a single day.


  • Only 1 check a day for unregistered users.

2. PaperRater

It’s a free multipurpose plagiarism detection tool that’s used in more than 140 countries.


  • 3 useful tools in one: Grammar checker, Plagiarism checker, and vocabulary builder.
  • PaperRater is designed according to industry standards.
  • PaperRater can give you faster results over time.


  • If you are looking to store the reports of your result on this platform, you’re fully out of luck here.


PaperRater comes in two versions:

i) Basic: It is absolutely free of any cost. Comes with certain limitations.

ii)Premium: $7,95 per month / $95,40 per year.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a user-friendly, free plagiarism tool designed to check whether the content is plagiarized from any other source on the internet or not.


  • The tool comes with a series of detailed guidelines which are more than capable of making the user understand the right ways through which s/he can use the same.
  • No downloads are required for the process. Everything can be done online.


  • Can search only Google and Yahoo. Bing is not supported.

4. Plagiarisma

It’s another multi-purpose plagiarism detection tool that’s widely used by students and teachers, as well as the writers of the literary industry.


  • Plagiarisma supports more than 190 languages, in general.
  • Plagiarism can be checked via file upload, copy and paste, or through URL.
  • The tool also comes with a Firefox and Chrome extension for a more convenient user experience.


  • The free version of Plagiarisma can be used for limited checks per day.


Plagiarisma comes with a variety of plans. There’s a free version that can be utilized only for a handful number of searches per day. You can upgrade to “premium” as soon as you register yourself on this platform. Pricing start from $5/day for up to 100 searches.

You may also opt for a 3 or 6-month subscription (comes at $25 or $30) for an unlimited number of searches.

5. Plagium

Plagium’s another basic plagiarism checker that provides users with different levels of searches as per their requirements.


  • Easy accessibility. Just copy and paste the content in the designated space and click on “search.” It supports two forms of searches: quick search and deep search. Choose any one according to your requirements.
  • You don’t pay a dime for up to 5,000 characters in all.


  • The free version comes with severe limitations.


If you are a frequent user of this tool, you might consider checking out their reasonable subscription plans to benefit more in the long run. For an amount of $9.99/month, you will be able to do 143 deep searches and 287 quick searches in all. For $24.99/month, you can do 349 deep searches and 699 quick searches. Not bad; eh?

6. PlagScan

PlagScan can be used for commercial purposes as well.


    • No download required. Everything’s there online.
    • 3-way check: Copy and paste, document upload, or by URL.

Private users don’t have to subscribe on PlagScan.

  • he tool can be integrated into content management systems for more convenience.


  • Too complicated user interface.


PlagScan starts from $5.99/month. Refer to their official website for more information.

So that’s it then. It’s time we bring this to a close for now. Hope the list of tools mentioned above come in handy for you. Ciao!

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