Best Ways to Make Money from iPhone App

How to make money from iPhone AppToday there are around 2.8 billion people in the world using mobile apps for shopping, learning, and entertainment and many other purposes. To use some apps, one has to pay a certain amount. But some apps are totally free. If you are the app (iOS) owner and in the latter, you need to know how you can make money from your iPhone app with paid and free methodology.

Paid App

The simplest way to earn money from iPhone app is to make it paid app. When downloading the app, user has to pay some amount for that. After that, all the latest updates and any information about new software are offered for free.

A freemium app

If you have created limited version available for free, or premium version with many more features and functionality, then this strategy can yield a better result. The limited free version is necessary to developed in such a way that creates interest among the users and give some value, and generates a powerful incentive to buy the full version.

In-app purchases

This is the most fruitful way to monetize mobile games. When someone download the game for the first time, it is offered for free. After some days, if any changes are made to the game or if it is underwent any upgrades, or if users want to shift to the next level, then it is require to pay some amount for that. In-app purchases can be new weapons, and cars, etc.

CPI ads

This is the best way to earn money, which defines allowing other apps to advertise their ads on your app. To benefit from this, you have to register to any CPI advertising network. This network will help you earn more income as well as give additional exposure and brand value.

Run sponsored ads

In this method, you will allow a particular company to sponsor your app. If your app is related to hotels information, then you can collaborate with hotel booking company to run their ads means services on your app in a specific space for a certain time period. For example, you can allow to post their ads on you app.


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