Basic Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Salesperson

sales-handshakeSales is about more than knowing the right words to say; it’s about being someone the customer can trust. A real salesperson has to believe in what he or she is selling, and they have to be able to show that what they have is really what the customer needs, while making sure that they never hedge the truth or try to hide anything. If a salesperson can do that, they’re well on their way.

Step One: Know What You’re Selling

This is the crucial step for any salesperson, according to Harvey McKay in an interview with Forbes magazine. In order for someone to really sell a product they have to know it inside and out. The salesperson has to be able to answer questions about it, explain what it is and how it works, as well as point out why it’s the best of its kind. Beyond simple facts though, a salesperson has to really believe in what he or she is selling. It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to sell a product that someone doesn’t think will work, or which they themselves simply cannot get enthused about when it comes time to try and make a sale.

Step Two: Don’t Oversell

The best salespeople are the ones who can form a real relationship with a customer. A salesperson that’s friendly, relaxed and helpful is always going to be better received than one who is pushy and overly concerned with sharing all the information about a given product. A good salesperson knows the product and can answer questions, but a truly great salesperson can read people and can engage them about more than just what they’re at a place to buy. A great salesperson makes people feel at ease, and can read what someone is thinking or feeling when it comes time to recommend a particular product.

Step Three: Know Your Weaknesses

One of the most important parts of becoming the ultimate salesperson is to know what weaknesses an individual has and to admit them. For instance, one salesperson might be really good at chatting with customers and making them feel comfortable while at the same time he is not very good at driving home a sale or explaining why a given product is the best solution to a given problem. For situations like that, what’s required is more research and learning the product. On the other hand, if someone is good with the facts but bad with social interaction then role play scenarios, practice and just general socialization can work wonders on their sales numbers. Often it’s a good idea to find a mentor; someone more experienced that can help a salesperson achieve his or her personal best. You may also try seeking out a success strategy from the professionals at Success Strategy Partners.

As with any other skill, becoming a great salesperson seems simple when broken down into its base components. However, each one can take a lot of time and effort to master individually. Only once someone has really gotten a solid grip on the various parts that make up sales can they begin integrating them into a single, solid whole. Once someone has managed that though, they will be able to sell practically anything they can really get behind.

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